When is the Right Time to Change Your Door Locks?

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When is the Right Time to Change Your Door Locks?

It is important to make your home a truly and trustable secure place. And the thought of security is always related to the advanced technical gadgets such as motion sensors, entry sensors, and surveillance systems. But your alarm system is not the only thing that has to be in your mind, there is an important fact that has to be considered from time to time regardless of having the best alarm system in the neighborhood; and that fact is the need of changing all the locks, or most of them, at a certain time. And these changes can be voluntary or forced by external circumstances, but any vulnerability in your locks will be reflected in a possible danger not only to your house but to your relatives and children living in the premises.

Why do I have to change the locks of my house?

You would guess that, if this is you case, since you have equipped your house with the latest technological devices, security is no longer something that you must concern about. But figures indicates that most of the illegal entrances to homes are not necessary made by using the force; around 40% of these unlawful actions are performed due to unlocked door with a defective deadbolt or left open and a 6.4% of these undesired entries are dine by someone with a key.

When a situation like this has taken place, there is an urge to verify and replace some or all the locks at home, and combining this action with a good security system is going to provide you the desirable security.   

When do you need to change your locks?

Although it seems to be an easy decision to take, it is important to make it at the right time since a remarkable investment is going to be required in order to replace all the door locks in your house. 

To make it completely clear, you need to change all or some of yours if you faced (or are facing) any of the following scenarios:

  • You have lost your key or someone has stolen it.

It is a truly frustrating moment when you lost a key, especially when you do not have an extra key to replace the lost one. The disappearance of any key will bring a sense of discomfort and it can be a truly security risk factor. And do not feel tranquil if the keys appeared, nobody can assure that those missing keys were not copied during the time they were out of reach. So change your house’s door locks and you will be avoiding any illegal entrance into your dwelling.

  • When someone has broken-in

If your house has suffered several unexpected visits by unknown people and some of your belongings have gone every time one of those entrances; there is a high chance that your locks were severe damaged without providing the right work. If that is the situation presented at you house, changing locks is highly recommended.

  • You fired an Old Employee.

Firing someone who works with you for several years, even though it was performed on amicable conditions, it will bring some consequences to your home which can be regretted later on. So just right after firing an old worker, the situation will become into a risk factor for your home security and the need of new locks is demanded.

And if the situation was a really uneasy one with that person, the necessity of locks changing has to be performed at once. Don’t take any chances whether it was a pleasant or unpleasant situation with that employee or worker.

  • Your roommate decides to move out

Due to all the expenses you had to ask for a roommate to minimize expenses; but after a certain amount of time, your roommate has decided to move away searching for better opportunities in life

  • An untrusting person performed some repairing or construction at your home.

When your house needs some repairing or you decided to add some new feature, it is time to call an expert to perform that activity. If at the moment of the repairing or adding feature you are absence and it is necessary to provide the key, and when the job is done it is better to change locks especial if the sets of keys are never returned to your hand.   

  • Locks are rusty and old.

All those years of usage or exposure to the different weather conditions and continuous usage, it can originate severe damages in the lock and secure a door is not done properly. When you find a rusted or non-functioning lock, the time to replace it has arrived. And on this opportunity make a big investment in getting the best anti-rust and weather proof locks in the market.

  • Moving to a new house

As soon as you move into a new dwelling, it does not matter the reasons, and you are not sure of the previous owners habits and relations, it is a truly advisable to change all locks from your new house, especially those that give access to the place. It is recommendable to do it as soon as possible; it will be a good investment for your own security and your family.

  • Locks are pretty old and they have not been replaced in years.

You have to be aware of the wearing of object due to time and locks are not the exception of this decaying factor. If your locks are truly old, maybe they are there since your parents were newly-wed; it is the moment to think of a replacement. Another reason to perform this lock replacing is the showing of new technological advanced devices in the locking area; gadgets such as the smart locks are coming every single year and every new one is superior in quality and security. So it is important to be updated and be aware of all the newest features a smart lock has within.

Finally, all the previous situations will force you to take the decision of replacing your locks, but it is important to notice that all these locks replacements have to be performed by an expert in the area, especially if you decide to go with a smart lock.