Staying Safe During a Car Lockout

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Staying Safe During a Car Lockout

No one can deny that one of the most frustrating situations we can encounter in our day to day activities is getting ourselves locked out of our own car. We leave the keys inside and we are miles away from home, and we start panicking out of control, however, it is important to remember that panicking is not going to help us fix the problem. Everyone will tell you that the first couple of things you have to do is calm down, call a locksmith, and everything will be fine, but, from the time you make the call to the moment the locksmith arrives could be an hour or two or even more, depending on where you are stranded, surely, calling the professional for assistance should be the first thing to do, but staying safe until it arrives has to be the number one priority. 

After you have made your call to your trusted emergency locksmith service, you need to start thinking about your own safety, finding a place where you can safely wait out until it arrives. Luckily for you, in this article, we are going to discuss the most useful tips when it comes about staying safe during a car lockout as well as a couple of useful tips about what to do to resolve the situation if the occasion demands it.


Find a well-lit place: If you get stranded in an empty street and you are alone, don’t stay there, your car may not going anywhere but you surely can, especially if you don’t have a good feeling where you are, find a place with more lights and stay there. 

Find a public place: Again, your car may not be going anywhere but you do. If you get lockout of your car close to public areas, you may want to wait for your locksmith in them, go to the one with the most people. You can also search for a Diner, Convenience Store, Gas Station, Park or Square, and stay there until you get the call from the locksmith that it has arrived at your location or you can let them know where you are.

Keep an eye on your car: If you are not getting a good vibe from the place you got stranded, perhaps you know it is a crime-ridden area, or it’s a dark area, standing outside the car, cell phone in hand with your wallet or purse while waiting for the locksmith to arrive may not be smartest nor the safer thing to do. That much is clear from the two tips above, where you are advised to look for well-lit places and public areas nearby, however, it is always preferred you look for places where you can still look at your car, and its close enough to run to in case someone tries to break-in. 

Stay away from strangers: If you are the kind of person who enjoys talking to strangers you may want to refrain from this habit during a lockout situation. Criminals will target you as soon as they have picked on your predicament and will most likely attempt to pose as good Samaritan offering their help to get you back in your car, and once is open they can run off with it. As nice offer as it might sound, you should really refrain from accepting help from strangers, be extremely careful, you can always tell them help is on the way, thank them, and send them on their merry way.

Get in touch with friends or relatives: After you have requested the assistance of your trusted emergency locksmith service, the next person you need to call is a friend or a relative, and ask any of them to accompany you in your predicament as you wait for the professionals to arrive. This is especially recommended if you are stranded in the middle of the night and far from home.

Whenever you find yourself unable to get into your car because you either left the keys inside or broke them in the keyhole, find a safe, well-lit place, and call a professional locksmith immediately, these services usually have a 24 hours emergency service and will dispatch a technician as quickly as possible. Even if you don’t think you’ll ever need one, make sure you have a couple in your contacts, or make a quick search online with your smartphone to find one close to you so the waiting time is less.

The aforementioned tips are meant to keep you safe during a lockout situation with your car, however, there are some scenarios where you can do more than just sitting around in a Diner waiting for help to come. The following tips will not only help you stay safe but also, will help you resolve the situation quicker than you might think. 


Call 9-1-1: If you are positively sure you are in a bad neighborhood and have no way of getting back in your car, you can always call 911 and get help fast. In some cases, the police officers will be able to open the car, but in others, they will call for a tow truck which you’ll have to pay of course, but at least you’ll be surrounded by the boys in blue.

Request roadside assistance: A car lockout situation it’s the perfect occasion to get those annual auto-club fees working for you. Organizations like AAA or Allstate provide roadside emergency services, including locksmiths. Although it normally takes them a while to reach you, it’s always handy to hire these services even if you don’t think you’ll ever need them.

On a final note, most car owners recommend carrying a spare key on you at all times, hidden away on your wallet or your purse, to avoid having to go through the terrible ordeal that is getting locked out of your own car.