Precautions Helpful to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Home

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Precautions Helpful to Avoid Getting Locked Out of Your Home

If you have a clumsy personality or forget things a lot, then the chances are that you might get locked out of your house. It can happen to you once or twice because It’s natural to forget things, especially when you have kids or so much work in your mind. However, it gets super frustrating when you forget your keys and are trapped out of your house. It’s worst when your bladder needs to release and your screaming kids want to sleep. It’s the moment where you feel like screaming at every other person you see. But control your emotions locking out of your home isn’t that bad as being locked in the dark bathroom. But, we believe in the world of smart technology. We must evolve and change the ways of our living accordingly, live smart like our smartphones. 

We believe there are many ways to avoid getting locked out of your home. One needs to be a little creative to make life easier in the future. Let’s dig into some ideas to avoid getting locked out of your homes and being embarrassed about it.

#1 smart locks smart choice.

Smart locks can be expensive. But they are worth your money and time. You won’t be needing a locksmith or a neighbor. Or volunteers to break your window. What you need is a smart lock. They come in many different forms. Some of the common ones are combination locks, fingerprint locks, and even face recognition locks. A smart lock eliminates the need to keep a key with you. The lock will run on long-time batteries. However, you’ll be needing to change the batteries after two to three years. Make sure to buy a smart lock that can indicate a low battery signal. Once you know the low battery, try and change the batteries as soon as possible to avoid any future mishaps. 

#2 A spare key to a trustworthy;

You can use your trustworthy neighbors or a close family near you to save you from getting locked out. Giving a spare key to your neighbor can be a good way to ensure your safety of not getting locked. It will help you save time and energy. A locksmith can be expensive and exhausting, especially when super tired and can’t wait to get inside the house. However, we suggest lending a spare key to more than one neighbor if the neighbors are not home when you’re locked out of the house. Again, smart thinking will save you.

#3 A spare key inside your car.

Keeping a spare house key inside your car may not be the best idea, but it can come in handy if you try not to lose the car key as well. 

Hide a spare key inside your car. It will come in use when it is late at night, and you don’t want to disturb your neighbor’s to lend you the spare key at this hour. You can easily unlock your house without having to sleep in the car or by waiting for a locksmith. Just try and Make sure that the key is extremely well hidden inside the car in a place a burglar won’t be able to find. 

#4 Keeping the key in the same Spot.

The idea may seem a bit absurd. But once you try and make a habit of placing the key in its one place. It can reduce the chances of getting locked out. Placing them in the same spot each day will ensure you always know where they are. With time Eventually, it’ll become an instinct, and you’ll never forget your keys. Decide a place a trinket or a key shelf would do.

You will, of course, will require to put an effort to keep yourself in practice so that you can reduce the chance of locking yourself out of the house. The practice is pretty simple. It will cost you nothing. All we are asking is to be consistent with your practice by keeping the key in its right place.

#5 Hiding the spare key inside the lockbox.

Hiding a spare key inside the lockbox is very useful. The lockbox will rescue you in the times when you are locked out of the house. The smart box only requires a password for unlocking it. You will make sure to remember the numbers. Also, Ensure that the other family members living in the house are also aware of Some people who have the lockbox insight, which also works, but needless to say, a hidden lockbox is more secure than a visible one.

#6 DIY unlocking tools.

If a spare key is out option and no neighbor can help, you can try and learn lock picking, which isn’t as easy as shown in the movies but trying will cause no harm. 

Bobby pins and papers can serve as blacksmithing tools. To unlock the door, you will need two bobby pins or two paper clips. Follow these steps 

First, bend one the bobby pin or a paper clip into an “L” shape. Then straighten the other part into a ‘w” shape. It will help you unlatch the pins inside the door lock now, Hold the L-shaped piece in place, keep tension in the lock, and use the W-shaped part to push pins inside the lock.

Try pushing; you won’t be able to unlock it on the first try, so don’t stop and keep until you unlock the door or someone comes to your rescue. Good luck.

 #7 Look for unlocked windows or doors.

If you forget a lot and you are locked out of your house, the chances are that there may be an unlocked window. You may have forgotten to lock that too. You’ll thank your forgetfulness for once. Unlocked windows and doors are invitations to invaders, but they can also get you out of a tough situation when you’re locked out. So check if in case they are unlocked and try to get in.

All in all, it’s pretty normal to get locked out of the house. There’s nothing to fret about because no matter what, you can’t be stuck out of your house forever. Don’t lose your head; breathe and think. You are not a cave person; it’s 2021. Think smart and live smart.

Good luck