I Am Locked Out of My Car. What Do I Do Now?

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I Am Locked Out of My Car. What Do I Do Now?

One of the worst moments is when you realize that you do not have the car keys inside your pocket anymore. Instead, you have forgotten them inside the car. It is so frustrating. However, it’s more frustrating when you have to listen to the lectures of your dad or wife about your clumsy and irresponsible attitude. But it’s okay; it’s not the end of the world yet unless you have a child or your beloved pet locked inside the car. But don’t worry. We will guide you about tons of ways to unlock your car without having access to the key and without losing your head.

 We recommend keeping it cool and go through these options to help yourself.

A spare key 

If you have an extra key pair at home, you could always ask your friend or a family member to bring it for you. You’re smart if you have brought a spare key already and have kept it safe to use at the time of need. 

It is exactly the time to help yourself unlock the car by using your precious spare key and saving your money on a locksmith or a new key; however, one must know that this will only work on cars with key locks. This isn’t an option if you have a keyless model vehicle.

Calling a locksmith:

 Another way is to call a locksmith and guide him to your location. It is simple, easy, and affordable. This option requires no breaking or banging of the car windows. A simple call to a professional will help you get your keys because You’ll lose your entire savings if you damage the car by scraping and using tools to unlock the car. It is better to call an expert and let him do the work for you. 

Breaking the Car Window in an Emergency

Breaking a car window is unsafe and expensive to repair. It should only be done in grave situations, such as if a child or a pet is stuck inside the car. If you believe that breaking the window is necessary to protect a pet or a child, use the following information. 

You will need a sharp tool. A hammer would surely be convenient. If you have one, it’s best to use the claw end. A screwdriver with the proper force applied would also work. In a pinch, a golf stick or even a rock would do. 

The center of a car glass window is its strongest point. Try breaking the glass nearer to the edge, where it’s weaker.

Always choose the window furthest from a child who might be in the car to protect them from tiny particles of the broken glass. However, if you’re still unable to break the glass, look for help.

Using a tennis ball.

The idea may seem absurd to the readers, but it is helpful and has also been verified by various YouTubers who have experimented with it on their channels. 

You can unlock the electronic locking system of a car with a tennis ball. Use a regular tennis ball and make a small hole inside. You can either burn or drill a hole by using a screwdriver or any sharp tool. Then place the ball over the key lock with the hole facing the opening. Hold it onto the lock tightly and quickly press the ball with a hard jerk. The air pressure when pressing the ball forces the locking mechanism to lose. Once it’s done, you can unlock the car easily. for future mishaps, keep the ball inside your bag or a briefcase. Who knows when you’ll be needing it again.

Coat hangar

 If you have access to a hangar, supposing you were at the dry cleaners, and you were there to take your dress. Well, you’re lucky because there are many ways to use a coat hanger to unlock your car. 

You need to try and open a small gap between the door and car frame, where the hanger wire could fit in. This process will allow you to press the unlock button or hook the locking post. There is even a method to slip the hanger past the weather stripping on the window and hook the locking mechanism near the door handle. 

However, this reminds you that this option might cost you a little more than just a few dollars. Because there is a risk of damaging the cables of the car door, causing hundreds of dollars in damage. At the moment, you at least have an unlocked car. Cheer up.

Roadside assistance.

Sometimes it feels so good to be born in times where technology does most of the work. These days most new cars come with roadside assistance during your warranty period. Luckily You have the opportunity to avail this service. The details of the service, especially their number, Are usually mentioned on the corner of the back of the window; however, if it isn’t there, you can always call your owner to guide you with the details and their number. The service might take a bit of time to reach you, but an expert is always a better option than trying on your own and damaging it. So to avoid any future casualties, make sure you have their service subscribed. 

Tow Truck Service for help.

If you are done trying to unlock the car on your own, then we believe it’s time to use your phone and call a truck tow service. It’s the most convenient and easy option. The service is quick and cheap. You’ll get your work done without having a panic attack or losing your wallet. Calling the service that is closest to your location can help speed up the process.

In the hustle of work-life, it’s normal to get yourself locked out of the car. It is agreed it’s very frustrating, but again, you’ve got this. It’s not the end yet. We are here to assist you. Calm yourself and look around you and believe us, you’re not alone help is on your way. 

Drive safe and good luck.