How To Find a "Locksmith Near Me?"

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How To Find a "Locksmith Near Me?"

Finding a locksmith in the age of the internet isn’t too difficult. The difficult part may be in finding the best one in your area, and if you live in a highly populated city or area, you could have a large number of locksmith services to choose from. Let’s take a look at how you can do some research and find the best locksmith for your needs. 


Your first and best way to start should be online reviews. You can find reviews on the locksmiths in your area on google maps, for instance, after doing a locksmith search in your area and selecting and researching each individual one. 

Reviews can be found on social media platforms like Facebook as well, and you can also do a general post or comment search on Facebook to see what people have to say about them in a conversational context. 

Reviews are important, but you still need to ensure that the locksmith is legitimate and not a scammer, especially if you found them through searches like Google. Scammers can add fake reviews for Google and can have a fake website as well, so be sure to go to the websites of the business itself and look for any inconsistencies, which we will touch on in detail further along in this post. 


Once you have found a group of locksmiths who fit the bill, it’s time to look at the services they provide. All locksmiths will provide the same services for the most part, but some may have specialty services that other locksmiths might not perform. 

Specialty services could be on the commercial side of the field; while all locksmiths will most likely perform residential services and services like unlocking your vehicle, some locksmiths may not do work on more complex security systems such as the types of locks found on commercial buildings. 

Be sure before you pick your locksmith that they can perform the tasks that you need. 

Look Out for Scammers 

Believe it or not, there are scammers out there that portray themselves as locksmith professionals. Once you think about it, it makes sense. A professional locksmith deals with the security devices that have access to your property and personal belongings. 

Criminals with theft in mind are always looking for ways to access someone’s property or personal belongings in order to steal things of value. Scammers in the modern age can easily create a false website of a locksmith business with an email and phone number for people to call, and they target specific areas to do so. 

There are key signs that can tell a locksmith apart from a scammer. These signs would be non-local phone numbers like a 1-800 number, being very vague about the area in which they live as they may not be local, and a lack of knowledge in locksmithing as well as not being able to provide credentials. 

In 18 states in the United States, a professional practicing locksmith must have a license to have a locksmithing business. If you are in one of those 18 states, you can simply ask to see their credentials. 

Professional locksmiths may also ask for your I.D. as well so that they can confirm you are not pretending to be someone else in order to have a lock opened.

Reputation Goes a Long Way 

As with any business, from restaurants, construction, stores, and locksmiths, Reputation can speak volumes in regards to their professionalism and services. 

Word of mouth also travels well, and if you hear glowing reviews about a locksmithing service and have done your research, the choice should be simple. 


Finding a proficient locksmith isn’t a daunting task, but you should still take the necessary steps to ensure that you have chosen a well-reputed locksmith that can perform the tasks needed. It’s also important to ensure that you protect yourself from would-be scammers who claim to be professionals in order to access your property and valuables.