The Most Trusted Commercial and Residential Lock Brands

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The Most Trusted Commercial and Residential Lock Brands

When we speak of the most trusted Commercial and Residential lock brands, we are not speaking from personal opinion. The configuration of this list of lock brands comes from the endless reviews and ratings from people who have already chose to trust these major brand names. In this article, we will highlight a few major points of the pros and cons of major lock brands. Has the public chosen the right brands to trust with their safety and security? All lock companies have different models, functions, as well as capabilities, all setting themselves apart with small features. Each lock is going to have different pros and cons, but in the end they are all here to serve one very important purpose: to provide safety and security to customers another properties.

In all of my posts, I try to stay as neutral and objective as possible in order to presents customers with only the facts. I will not hide truths about certain brands and potential liabilities that I may find about certain locks. My goal is to inform the public about the best options for their residential and commercial safety and security in regards to choosing the best locks for customer-specific situations. It is crucial to look at all products from a customer perspective rather than from a sales representative perspective. In trying to provide the pros and cons of popular lock brands currently on the market, I hope you enjoy the gathered information, and find the important information that you may have been looking for. Enjoy!


Any home-improvement store such as Home Depot, Ace Hardware Mendards, etc. carries a varieties of locks from Schlage. Schlage locks typically provide a very sturdy physical appearance. Schlage carries a  variety of different types of locks, but even their lowest priced lock is a quality item. These locks are typically much harder to pick, which means they are able to provide high-quality security if in any the worst scenario an intrusion were to take place. The company’s cylinders showcase durability and a record of strong anti-pick resistance. Two great options for those looking for quality cylinders are Primus XP and Everest 29. Schlage locks are one of the best affordable lock options currently on the market. This brand is one of the most highly used brands for all those looking for both security and affordability.

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Even if you are not familiar with lock brands or have never heard of the brand Kwikset,
it is more than likely that you have come across their products many times before. Kwikset is a very popular brand, securing millions of homes and businesses throughout the United States of America. Kwikset, similar to Schlage, is also one of the cheapest lock brands available on the market today. Although this brand offers very affordable pricing, this does not always mean that the quality of the items is above-average. While not the highest security locks on the market, they do not come equipped with the newest advancements, and unlike Schlage, Kwikset locks are much easier to pick. This aspect could be a con for those looking for top-notch home and business security. If you are interested in Schlage locks, consider  “SmartKey” cylinder for extra added security. There is also the Kwikset Kevo that may be of interest for your needs. Although these are both good options, they do not provide the highest security options and may not be up to the standards of those looking for ultimate security. My advice is to first decide what you need the lock for and then weigh your options with a qualified locksmith technician.

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Even if you are not familiar with lock brands or have never heard of the brand Baldwin,
it is more than likely that you have come across their products many times before. Baldwin is a highly-respected company because they provide decent quality locks. While not the cheapest locks on the market, the price you make for these locks is the quality level use you get from them. Baldwin is a very trusted lock brand company by many business and home owners. This lock is strong, durable, and decent hardware which reveals that it is of a different level quality compares to Schlage or Kwikset. Typically, the more metal hardware a lock is built with, the better it is for security purposes such securing the property from a break-in. Baldwin locks are also good choices when it comes to security and safety. My advice is to first decide what you need the lock for and then weigh your options with a qualified locksmith technician.

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This brand is on a higher level in comparison to the previous locks we spoke about. The reputation of Yale, is highly respected and trusted. Fact: Yale is considered to be the makers of the modern-day pin tumbler lock. In short, no matter what brand of locks you choose, the design originated from this company’s pioneers. Yale Locks are very well constructed with a quality design and durability. They often come with two+ spool pins. Being such a pioneer in the lock industry, it is no surprise that many commercial and residential consumers choose Yale locks as their choice locks for safety and security.

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RR Brink

Ever wondered what type of locks prisons use? RR Brink is one of the few trusted companies that make locks for prisons throughout the USA. These locks are respondsible for a very big task –  keeping very dangerous people secured. What type of lock do most prisons use? These locks are referred to as mortise cylinders. These locks are so large that they could have two standard-sized keys fit in the keyway! Sounds great and all, but how just how safe are RR Brink locks? Overall, the security these locks provide is very good. These locks can be picked, but not very easily at all. If you are looking for a lock that will provide high-level security and will keep the wrong people from accessing your properties, RR Brink is a great option.

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This company is one that has become to be recognized by the name of the company rather than separate products. Mul-T-Lock has gained the trust of many consumers both with their marketing techniques and promising lock security.These locks are very secure, durable, and are very strong. Also, the mechanism of these locks is equipped with an active element that requires more experience to pick a lock, making them good for security.If you looking into the euro profile cylinder from Mul-T Lock, known that the thumb-turn is not necessary. With this type of cylinder, the core can easily be accessed.  Nevertheless, this is still a great brand to consider for your commercial and residential security needs.With a thumb-turn on this type of cylinder, the core can be easily bypassed.

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Corbin Russwin

Corbin Russwin is a mixture of very well-known lock brands. Locks from this brand are very popular for institutions such as schools, colleges, and universities. These guards are very trusted products. These locks are also very convent and flexible because they are easy to upkeep, repair, and replace. One important item to note is that these locks are not easy to pick when brand new, but as time goes on, they get easter to pick. This is why it is very important to upkeep and repair or replace these locks as needed. While these locks are not ideal for every consumer’s situation, they are a good security choice at guarding doors for many high-traffic institutions.

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While not as popular some of the other brand names, Evva  is still very trust worthy. A development known as the MCS model is what makes Evva stand out. This type of lock is very complicated, so much so that is has actually not been picked.
The main reason for this trust is the MCS model. This lock is a very complicated magnetic key system that has still not been picked. I have yet to see any conclusive evidence of successful strikes at the MCS model. It goes without saying, even if it does get picked, it would still represent just how difficult it is to get such a lock open. While this is their most successful product, Evva delivers many high value products. Because they use magnetic pins within keyways, this makes them standout as a company, doing something most companies do not. Within the locksmith community, Evva is a very trusted brand. This is just an average company, it is a company that provides very strong quality protection.

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2. Medeco

Often considered the best, Medeco is highly favored by the public. Many customers I service usually ask me if Medeco is the best option for their properties, expecting a quick “Yes”. Is it all just hype? Yes and no. Many claim that Medeco locks are unpick able, but that is not entirely true. While I would agree that they are hard to pick, but with each new update of Medco locks reaching the current market, the new designs make the locks less and less secure each time. Nevertheless, Medeco is still a very strong lock. Trust the lock to serve its purpose, but don’t trust it to be the absolute best lock out there on the market.

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Safety starts with awareness, and awareness starts with you. you think art is, rethink it for a awhile and only then it will truly become an art. American Training Resources

Final Thoughts

What you choose to secure your residential and commercial properties with, should not be based on the brands that people trust the most. Security is not about who is the most popular, it is about what you feel is the best security option for your properties. Make sure that you choose the brand that best fits what you are looking for. For the best security, I would suggest completing a risk assessment for the property. By understanding what types security are most important to you, you may find that some locks are not in your interest. A good quality door lock will always serve one main and very crucial function: help with security and safety. It may even be more practical for you to purchase a more affordable lock and instead invest in high-security systems such as cameras. This all really depends on your personal needs and what you are looking for. We have learned that trust that does always accurately depict quality. My advice is to first decide what you need the lock for and then weigh your options with a qualified locksmith technician.


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