Tips for Avoiding Unlicensed Locksmith Scams

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Tips for Avoiding Unlicensed Locksmith Scams

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There is a very serious issue occurring in the locksmith industry. This is not about the controversy over the best lock brands, but about hoax mobile locksmiths who extort money from customers in a time of crisis whether that be when they just want to get their car door unlocked or they lost their car keys.

Exposed: 24 Hour Locksmith Scams

Dishonest and suspicious locksmith businesses have created a system of creating hundreds of websites for locksmith companies that in reality do not exist. How is this possible? These businesses will create websites that look like a real company filled with a rich history of work ethic and pictures to prove it. The only problem is that these pictures of the workers and the storefronts are not actually that actual business, but some other hardworking locksmith’s real company. These businesses also go so far as to submit local business listings to Google by using “lead generators” in order to manipulate the system, showing that this is an actual business, when it in fact does not, and has never before, existed. In 2011, The New York Times wrote about this exact problem in an article titled, “ Picking the Lock of Google’s Search”. This article advised people to pay attention to the companies they choose to do business with. For those that have never read this article before, it would only benefit to see what the truth holds in the article.

How Can I tell which Ad is a Scam?

Locksmith scams make up about 95% of all the locksmith ads that are on the internet, making it even more difficult for the average consumer to find a trusted locksmith. Complaints about locksmith companies rank among the BBB’s (Better Business Bureau) top complaint’s yearly, and this is not going the scams that go undisclosed.

There are various different signs to be aware of when searching for a locksmith company to be trusted.

Some Common Locksmith Scam Techniques are As Follows:

Bait and Switch
– Locksmith companies advertise irrationally low prices. When a customer calls a scam locksmith companies they will either refuse to give a quote over the phone or if they do, it will be an absurdly low price. Scam companies will quote a low service call such as 15 and a low labor charge such as 19 to get a car door unlocked. Scam locksmiths advertise with such low prices so that the customer will choose their company. The problem with this is that when the “locksmith” does arrive to the customer, they end up raising the price and charge as much as 500% more than the original quoted price.Cash Only Scam– Many scammers who pose as locksmiths employ this technique. After “fixing” a customer’s lock, these scammers will then claim to only take cash payments and no other payments due to an illicit and illegitimate reason such as a broken credit card machine. Why would a scammer does this? This trick is employed in order to make sure that the customer will have no choice of disputing the charge because it will not be authorized through a bank.Mobile Locksmith Scam– Because these “locksmith” scammers are not legitimate locksmiths, they do not work for a legitimate company with a legal physical location. One simple way to recognize a fake locksmith is to ask for a physical location. If upon answering, the “locksmith” still cannot provide a physical location, but instead says that this is a mobile service only, this is proof of a locksmith scam.

Unmarked Work – Labor workers must provide their customers with a receipt. Locksmith scam companies will usually use a very standard receipt without a company logo, without a legitimate address, or any proof of a legal company. If you feel unsure about a locksmith company, make sure to check for marked vans, marked receipts, and proof of business cards before letting scam artists perform work on your properties.

New Lock Scam– Alleged locksmiths will claim that the only way to open a lock is by drilling the locks or breaking the handle off. This requires the customers to now pay more than expected because a new lock will be provided by the “locksmith” for an insanely large price. Not only this, but the locksmith will charge a hefty quantity for the “hard labor”. The customer is not aware of this situation until it is too late, the damage is done, and the scam artist is now asking for a large sum of money.

How to Choose a Real Locksmith

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The best option for choosing a reliable locksmith is to find one with a physical location. It is best to find a real locksmith before you actually are stuck in an emergency where you quickly need to find a locksmith. Take a ride in your town and learn the location of your locksmith shop. It is important to go to a real store location or ask neighbors’ for recommendations. Another option is to call around and ask the local locksmiths questions about their business, find out their location, how long they have been in business, their work hours (if they are 24 hours – there is a chance they are not a legit locksmith company), and ask for a business card.

Keep your head up for some of these pertinent signs when dealing with locksmith companies in order to ensure your safety and save yourself

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