Best Security for Retail Spaces

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Best Security for Retail Spaces

A retail or retail space refers to a series of shops that buy large quantities from distributors and sells in detailed or in small units. These shops are often the source of multiple thefts, under different methods of theft of merchandise. This is due to the fact that retailers or retailers do not usually have high surveillance systems such as large stores.

For this reason the following question arises, which can be done by a retailer to prevent theft in his store and improve the security of the establishment. There are high-tech solutions at very low prices that can be implemented in retail spaces, in the same way there are also low-priced solutions that do not include technological measures.

What is retail security composed of?

Some of these solutions that do not include technological measures are: Keeping an organized store, maintaining an organized store helps sellers and retail store staff to notice if a product is missing. Another alternative is to train sales personnel to monitor shoppers entering the store to prevent theft. Establishing a revenue policy for handbags and baby cars helps reduce theft as well.

Likewise, the use of mirrors in the corners and correct lighting helps prevent thefts in retail stores. There are many solutions that can be applied in a retail store to increase the security in the store and decrease the rate of theft in the store. In the same way there are technological alternatives to increase security in retail establishments. Among these solutions we have: The implementation of technological surveillance system, that is, the implementation of security cameras in the premises to monitor customers and employees.Another measure of technological safety includes the protection of merchandise on display, this measure is based on the use of electronic locks in the merchandise on display so that the customer can not steal or steal and the only way to open the lock is with someone from the sales staff who unlocks the key. In the same way, this type of measure has also been implemented but without being a technological measure, but with the implementation of locks on the merchandise on display to prevent customers from stealing the merchandise.

We always look at the margin of safety in the balance sheet and then worry about business. Peter Cundill

Building The Best Retail Security

In the same way there are other models of locks that are combined with automatic closures, this type of closures is used mainly for valuables in retail establishments. This is one of the most commonly used recommendations by retail staff to protect high-priced merchandise from their establishments. Currently in the market there are many brands of locks with automatic closures as a high-tech security measure such as the fabulous WatchLock lock that comes with automatic closing regulated by the schedule, in order to close the lock at a specific time.

Another alternative to improve the safety of retail stores includes the handles with automatic closing to prevent the entry of customers to unauthorized areas of retail, this is another excellent recommendation, since it prevents the entry of customers to areas that do not they must enter for various reasons. These handles with automatic closing are only open with codes that are given to the authorized personnel of the commerce or even by means of the use of special cards for a greater security. A handle with these characteristics is the Code It lock, manufactured by one of the most famous companies in the area of ​​high technology locks.

They also include master keys that have custom systems and high technology for greater security in the products that are marketed in the retail trade. In the same way it is also recommended to train personnel working in the retail trade to become familiar with all this high technology used, in addition to training to recognize potential thieves when entering the store.

Many security companies recommend not only placing expensive security cameras and high-security locks to improve security, but they also recommend in a combined way to train all the personnel that deals with dealing with customers, in order to identify the clients that they can commit a robbery, for this they give a series of tips as they are to avoid the entrance with big bags, to avoid the entrance with baby cars, since these two devices are the most used to commit the robberies in the shops of small size.

Continuing with training recommendations for employees working in retail, we also have to be always vigilant of what customers do, help to reduce the rate of theft. Also the monitoring of customers in the case of minority businesses that sell clothing, when entering the locker room, since many times they enter with 4 or 5 pieces of clothing and only return a single item but do not cancel the other items. It is necessary to place a very well trained employee in the area of ​​testers to monitor the entrance of the client to the tester, as well as the exit of the client from the tester.

Assessing Your Retail Security Strengths and Weaknesses

Many security companies also recommend the owners of retail stores place the box at the entrance of the establishment so that it can examine the departure of customers who buy a product and so, the cashier can check if they carry a garment or extra item to those canceled. They also recommend that the cashier never leave her post to avoid a theft at the cash register where retail cash is stored.

There are many security measures that can be implemented by retail businesses, measures that may involve high technology or measures that may include the training of sales personnel, regardless of the option chosen by the owner of the establishment, the important thing is to protect the merchandise of the retail business and above all to improve security in order to protect the merchandise and thus maximize revenues, since with high-security measures the merchandise is protected by theft or robbery that may occur inside the store.

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