The Five Lockset Function

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The Five Lockset Function


The locksets are usually composed of different locking mechanisms screwed on the doors. They may consist of door handles, faceplates, thumb latch, latch bolt, escutcheon, and deadbolts. 

However, you can think of this lockset whenever a hardware shop is around you. There are different kinds of locksets utilized for various purposes. Here we will describe the five lockset functions. 

The roles of a few components of a lockset are as follows. Each of them is combined to make a lockset.

Escutcheon: it is used to avoid the scrapes of keys on the door and hides the holes drilled for the lock and thumb latch.

Thumb latch: it pullbacks the latch bolt.

Door handle: door handles are used for pulling the door.

Latch bolt: they carry the door against the stop.

Deadbolts:  Deadbolts are for security purpose, making the entrance for an intruder difficult.

Entry Lockset Function

Entry lockset function is the one the most commonly used lockset.  Every one of us probably has used them and experienced them in our residential homes and offices. The entry lockset has a small button on the door handle. When you press that button, the door is locked. 

The other way is to press the button in and turn the handle to keep it locked. These entry locksets are the guardians of your home; whenever you put a key inside this lockset, a voice is made, making you assure of security. 

Hence, they should be of excellent quality and should not be opened easily. Nowadays electronic entry lockset is also introduced, which is opened with a touchpad. These locksets must be made up of stainless steel and intricate finish. As they are placed on the main doors may enhance the décor of your home.

Store Room Lock Set Function

This lockset is usually found best for keeping things in safety as it uses a key to be opened. Whenever it is opened, it is opened with a key. There is no other way. It is always opened from the outside, there is no way to lock it from inside, and it can’t be left open. 

It will keep you satisfy all the time that your things of interest are secure. It is best used in offices to keep your documents and private files totally in a lock, the things you have a fear of being theft. 

However, they can be used in homes as well to keep your precious things inside. They are also seen outside mechanical rooms, electrical rooms, and any shop storage rooms where any critical hardware is not required.
In the case of using these store room locks, there is a need for a person to ensure that the room is locked every time, for security purposes. 

Class Room Lock Set Function

The classroom lockset function works similarly to the storeroom lockset. As the storeroom lockset cant be left open, but a classroom lockset can be left open with the only person having its key. 

It does not have a knob inside of it, so it can also be not locked from the inner side. The only way to open it is from the outside with the key, so by inserting the key in the outside cylinder of the lock, you can easily open it. 

Rotating the knob completely can lock or unlock the door. It is good to lock for the people who want to keep the lock open but with the authenticity of being opened by a person who is having the key. 

As their name indicates, they are most commonly used in classrooms, but there is no hindrance in using them for household and official purposes. It is the most basic need of any classroom to be safe and secure. This is the fundamental requirement of every student.

Privacy, Bath and Bedroom Lockset Function

The name of the lockset is itself showing its use. They are utilized for private rooms, which include every room you consider to be confidential. The private lockset functions are operated with the hole outside the door and a knob or a push button on the inside of the door. 

The outside hole is often named an ’emergency hole.’ They are locked usually from inside but can be unlocked in an emergency from the door’s outer hole with a paperclip’s help by pushing it inwards. 

These locksets may not be utilized for main doors because they can be opened from inside easily and outside with some effort. However, their function is not to protect and secure you from any mishap. They are only useful in restricting someone not to come in while you are in your bathroom or bedroom. These locksets are easy to operate as there is no role of key.

Passage Lockset Function

Passage locksets are not considered the real locks because they don’t lock the door. They are only used to keep the door close and hold with the frame. These passage locksets prevent the door from being blown during wind and restrict them from banging and creating unnecessary noise. 

They can be fixed on living rooms, bedrooms rooms, or bathrooms. These locksets consist wholly of doorknobs or door handles to pull and push the door quickly. There are no latching techniques in these locksets. Passage locksets are named a full-sized dummy.


These are the five locksets, which are called standard or regular locksets. Before you buy any lockset, information about the lockset is necessary. This information will help you know which lockset is to be placed at which door because they differ in their functionality. 

These locksets are easily accessible at every hardware shop. However, with the increasing awareness, people are buying these locksets for a particular door. 

Because you and your family’s security and safety is the top priority, don’t rely on the guards or the protection of your society and readily buy these locksets.