Checking Your Home for Security Flaws

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Checking Your Home for Security Flaws


Is your home completely secure? This question can make your intrigue about the security system of your home. Your home is the place of one of your favourite place, where you can sit on the couch and watch TV with mental peace. 

What if all of these things are ruined with fear in the subconscious part of your mind. To maintain your joys at your home, you may get up and check the security system of your home.

One way to check your security system is to do a robbery in your home and get to know the flaws of your security system. The checklist of the security system of your home is as follows.

Check the list of flaws in the security system of your home

  • Do you lock your doors regularly?

Some people don’t lock their door regularly. This is a very unsafe act done by the residents leading them to great loss. You should lock your doors carefully and adequately with a regular check.

However, it would help if you locked your doors even when you go out for a short time as the burglar is watching your whereabouts and seeking an opportunity.

  • Did you replace the previous locks?

It would help if you replaced your previous locks, especially when you shift to a new house because the previous locks’ keys might be with the previous renters.

So it is safe to buy new locks for your new home. In the other case, it is also advised to update your locks with the new ones to be benefitted with the advance technology.

One of the reasons in replacing the locks is if a burglar is chasing you for the past few days he might have made key of your lock with a professional locksmith. So this updating can be proved very helpful.

  • Is your security wiring concealed?

If not then, then rush to call an electrician and make all of your security wiring concealed. Because an expert intruder disconnects or cuts off the whole wiring of the security system. 

If your wiring is concealed, this might help you in an emergency and calling people or police to help you out.

  • Does your house lighten when it’s dark?

To make your home risk free your home should be lightened up as it gets dark. If you are at home, you can switch on the garage lights or the street lights.

But if you are away from your home, installing automatic lights which are turned at a particular time is necessary. This will make your house lit, and a threat at your home is reduced.

  • Is your alarm faulty?

If the alarm installed in your home rings often, you should replace it or repair it from a mechanic. After you have replaced or repaired your notice does tell your neighbours about it because they might ignore it on its irregular ringing.

  • Are your locks effective against the thieves attack?

Please don’t use those traditional locks anymore because they are an easy target for the thieves. Try to use pick proof locks and deadbolts with a larger strike plate.

These are effective against the robber’s attack. Anyhow, they will give up on getting inside your home.

  • Had you left notes on your door?

Leaving any note on the door for the housemaid or any family member is a sign showing that your home is not occupied.

Due to this act, your house has become the main target for a burglar. Moreover, this is a welcoming symbol for a robber to do a robbery.

  • Do your neighbours play a role in home security?

All the neighbours near your house can play their role in your house’s security as they can easily report the suspicious activities happening outside of your home.

This can be a person roaming at a particular time or any suspicious car wandering outside of your home.

  • Do trees surround your home?

If shrubby trees or bushes surround your home, this can be an excellent opportunity for the intruder. This will help him hide in those trees and not catch by the street people or neighbours.

The robber can get into your garage very quickly and have access to your entrance door.

  • Can you make a hole in your garage door?

Making a hole in your garage door will help you to look through who is on the door. Some people open the door as the doorbell ring without confirming the person outside. 

When you look through the hole, you can verify the person visually, and you can easily ignore the ones who you don’t identify or are suspicious.

  • What kind of doors do you use for your garage?

Don’t use glass door or glass windows for your garage. Glass windows are easily broken and smashed with a hammer’s help.

The robber can get inside of your garage through these glass windows. So if there are glass windows at your outermost boundary, you need to replace them with gates as early as possible. And the leading garage door might be very effective against any hitting tool. 

  • Do you have a pet for the sake of security?

Scary and trained pets can prove to be a large obstacle for an intruder. Pets such as dogs significantly and snakes can reduce the chance of robbery.

A trained dog is usually used for security purposes because whenever it sees a suspicious person doing suspicious acts starts barking at a louder note, the intruder does not want to seek attention from any alarming voice to run away.

  • Are the motion sensor lights installed?

You should install the motion sensor lights in your garage to detect any motion observed at night. This will help you to monitor if someone tries to get in your house.

These digital devices are connected with your smartphones to make you notify about minute details.


If you want to keep your home safe and secure, then you have to follow these premises.