Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe During a Power Outage

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Tips for Keeping Your Home Safe During a Power Outage


The phrase is well said that you do not know the worth of something until you lose it. Same is the case of electricity. You don’t value it until and unless it is gone. The very moment it is gone, you wobble around and get hit by different things. 

There could be several reasons for a power outage, for example, due to heavy rainstorm, the power supply of your area might be damaged, or the transformer of your area is not working anymore.

Anyhow, electricity is the basic necessity of your life, and life could be impossible without it in this 21st century. You may face a disturbing situation and counter many difficulties  

Here we will tell you a few tips to make your home safe during a power outage.

  • Locating the flashlights

The very first thing which you do whenever the electricity is gone, you try to find the flashlight or your mobile phones. So to prevent this hassle you must locate your flashlights and torches at a particular place. This can help you in finding them earlier and easier.

  • Preserving the food

Whenever there is a power outage for a long time, you get conscious about your food present in the refrigerator. However, the food can stay unspoiled if the power outage is not for a long time. 

Try to lessen the use of refrigerator or freezer for that particular time because every time you open the door, the cold is escaped out of it. You are hence lowering the temperature of your refrigerator. 

In case that the light is gone for several hours, your food might start to spoil. A half-full refrigerator will preserve your food for 24 hours, and a full refrigerator can keep your food for 48 hours. To do more to prevent your food you can put milk, egg, meat and other items of this type in the ice of a cooler.

  • Emergency kit

Try to prepare an emergency kit for the worst time. This can be very helpful for you during your crucial times of power outage. This emergency kit might include plenty of water for every member of your home, some snacks, and extra irrefragable food items. 

As you don’t know for how long is the electricity gone, different kinds of games to pass the time of leisure, extra clothes and first aid kit in case of any injury. You can put this emergency kit at any place of your home or in your car.

  • Garage doors

Not all but some people have electric garage doors. These electrical garage doors can create some problems when there is a power outage. Usually, these kinds of the garage door have a backup method, but you must experience it before you get in the situation power outage. On a serious note, several situations had none of the methods worked, and the garage gates can’t be opened.

  • Medical devices

It would be best to have a backup plan for your medicines preserved in the refrigerator of your medical device that runs on electricity as medicines are required in all of your best and worst time. 

However, compromise cant is made on them.  So it would help if you had some other fill-in plans for the safety of your life.

  • Assurance of water

A human being cannot live without is ‘water’. Most of the times people have dispensers or any other water purification systems which are operated on electricity. 

In the times of power outage, you can use the bottled water already bought from the nearby store or boil your tap water with the recommendation of a health institute.

As the use of filthy water can cause illness. You should avoid using contaminated water for brushing teeth, washing dishes, cooking food and drinking. 

  • Power batteries

All the electronic devices you need for your daily work are necessary, so are the power banks need to charge them in a power outage. 

It would help if you had alternate power batteries to charge your mobile phones necessary for your connection and laptop to do your office and college work. 

Many people who run out of these power batteries or don’t have them find the car charger the best charging source.

  • Turning off electronic devices

Turning off your electronics from the main switch can prevent your devices from damage. 

Whenever there is a power outage, a few sparks of light might come and then again it goes. So these short waves of coming and going of light can short circuit your devices as well as your switchboards.

  • Summer power outage

If a power outage happens during the summer, you should try to avoid heating your home and yourself as well. To avoid this heating up, you can opt for the following things.

  • Drink plenty of water
  • Visit an air-conditioned movie theatre.
  • You can go on the beachside for a cooler breeze.
  • There are several swimming pools for the use of society, and this can decrease your body temperature. If you are not comfortable with swimming pools, you can take a shower at your home.
  • Wear lightweight and light-coloured clothes.
  • Winter power outage

Same is the case in a winter power outage, and you should wear several layers to keep your body warm. Some people have a risk of hypothermia if you experience this critical situation, you can visit your nearby medical complex. 

If the temperature drops at a greater pace, this can freeze your water pipes so to prevent this you can open your tap for a few hot drops to fall, hence preventing freezing.

  • Backup generator

Not everyone has installed a backup generator, but if you can or have installed it this could be a good option for surviving during a power outage.

Hopefully, these tips can make your power outage less inconvenient.