Better Locks Mean Better Vacations

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Better Locks Mean Better Vacations

Vacations are the right of every person, though it is the most exciting time of the year for children and elders as they are waiting for it. You might go for a month or several weeks to spend your vacations. 

This is an extended period, do you think of your home which will not be occupied. As you go too far away places and it requires plenty of time. On the other hand when you go to beautiful places to spend time with your loved ones you should not be anxious about your home’s security. 

For this, it is necessary to practice a few things before going on a vacation. Here is what your Naperville Locksmith recommends to practice before going on a vacation.

Here are some steps you have to take before leaving the house for vocation;

  • Start with the door locks

The first interaction that a robber makes when he/she tries to get inside your home is with the main garage lock, after that with the entrance door locks and other locks as well. 

So buy the effective and updated smart locks which include pick proof locks. Deadbolts serve to play a great role in making the locks harder with strike plates.

The intruder will hopefully get scared of the vigilant behavior of the residents and give up on doing robbery in your house.

  • Stop the delivery of your mail

Emptying your mailbox before you go on a vacation is the significant step for ensuring that the residents are present in the house. And restrict the incoming mails by going to the respective office to stop the mails for a particular time. 

As the burglar is always keeping an eye on your actions. Do the same with your newspaper delivery.

  • Lightning of the house

Don’t just go on a vacation with your lights turned on for the whole time. These symbolize that the residents are not in the house that’s why the lights are switched on for the whole day.

To puzzle the intruder you must use the dawn and dusk light bulbs which are turned on automatically when it gets dark.

  • Keep the valuables out of the sight

Whenever you leave you home for a long time, keep your valuables in specific lockers. These lockers should also be kept in some hidden places.

All of the important keys should not be hanging on that particular nail instead keep them in unique places such as flower pots or huge tress. This precaution is in that case if an intruder gets the access of your home. 

The most secure option is to keep your jewellery or other precious items in the monitoring of security staff. They will charge you for this deposit, but this can save you from a significant loss. 

  • Maintenance of yard

Your yard has to be maintained either you are present or absent. But in case of your absence, your yard maintainer must continue to work and keep the trees and bushes shorter. 

The other way is to ask your trustworthy neighbor to keep it maintained for a particular time with his professional. In case of cold season snow is to be removed from the yard. 

Hence making your home less risky of burglaries. You can put some things like clothes or car wash tools in your yard to pretend the presence at home.

  • Car in your garage

If you have another car or an extra car you can leave it in your driveway. This will hinder the intruder for getting inside because this will force him to think that someone is at home. 

Or you can ask your neighbor to park their car in your driveway. But the car in your driveway must be properly locked up.

  • Announcement of your vacation plan

The technology has progressed so much that to locate someone is a piece of cake. So avoid sharing your plans on social media because there are various tracking apps which can trace the location within a few seconds.

Sharing your location on social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are very risky. By sharing your plans, it can be made confirmed that your house would be empty. 

All of this app is public no matter how much privacy is set on them. You are not aware who is following you through a tracker.

  • Security cameras

Security cameras can prove to be very helpful as you can visually observe outside and inside of your home. These security cameras are connected with your phone, you can see your home where ever you are in this world. 

Intruders try to cut off the wiring of these security devices, to avoid this act of intruders your security wiring must be concealed.

  • Security signs

It would help if you had security signs hanged outside of your home at the main doors or windows. These are proved to be scary for the intruder. If you don’t have those security alerts then you must hang fake signs because something is better than nothing. 

Other things related to your security should also be monitored by the security system in your absence, as you should inform the security office before leaving for your vacation. After you have left your home this is the responsibility of the security staff to keep a check on it.

  • Monitoring of thermostats

Thermostats of your home should be monitored, though this monitoring is now very easy because of programmed smart thermostats. 

You can control them conveniently at your desired temperature. If this is not going to be monitored it can cause extensive damage to your home.

  • Timer for electronics

You can put the timer on electronics such as radio, TV and musical instrument. This will make people assume that some activity is going on inside of your house. 

The noise of radio and music helps pretend that your home is occupied.


The above-mentioned tricks will keep your home secure when you are on a vacation far away from it. If you have any other questions or would like a security check to be completed on your property prior to a scheduled trip, please contact your local locksmith Naperville IL at (630) 507-9666.