Is Your Garage at Risk of a Break-In? All You Need to Know.

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Is Your Garage at Risk of a Break-In? All You Need to Know.


People often think that their garage is not in need to be secured. However, they fix high-quality locks on their entrance door and put their garages at risk. 

You might have expensive vehicles or tools in your garage that need to be secured in an intense need. The garage is the entrance point for an intruder to get in, and if it is not secured well, this could prove to be a great loss for you. 

However, low-level security and easily stolen vehicles are an attractive place for the thieves to do the robbery. There is an eager need to complement your garage security and save your costly items.

Following are the several preparedness tips for your garage security. 

  • Lightning of garage

All the robbers chase the dark because during the night the streets are unattended and the shadow of their breaking in is not visible.

To make your garage safe during the night, you may lighten it up. For this purpose, you can use motion sensor lights or motion-activated lights, and this can make the robber think for robbery in your garage as he can be caught easily. 

Anyhow, those motion sensor lights can make you notified about any motion at night.

  • Closing of your garage door

Most of the time, people keep their doors open assuming to be brave enough or because of their laziness as they can’t open the door again and again. The other case of the opened garage door is that you are working in your garage or yard from the past several hours. 

Indeed all of these situations are quite risky for a robbery. Intruders are always seeking for these kinds of conditions so that they can break in with greater ease. 

It is practiced by society by making the rule of closing the garage doors strictly has decreased the burglaries with a range of 50 %. With the progressing technology, it is advised that to make it sure that your garage door is closed or opened so you can install a garage door sensor or automatic garage door closer. 

The garage door sensor will notify you about the opening or closing of your door, and the automatic one will automatically close your door after a certain time. 

You can install an automatic garage door lock for further security, which will lock your door whenever you close it.  So try to keep your garage door closed and locked.

  • Updating of your landscape

If you have huge trees or bushes around your garage or within the yard, this can provide the intruder with a great opportunity to get in your garage.

So you must maintain your garage weekly because this can help you as your neighbours should keep an eye on the garage door and the street. However, the updated garage can make the robber think about getting in because this symbolizes the residents’ active vigilance.

  • Door locks of garage

If you still have those traditional garage door locks, you need to change them urgently. Update your garage door locks with deadbolts which should be at least 1 inch thicker and use the anti-pick locks. 

However, a strike plate can further secure the deadbolt.  These are not an easy target for the burglars to break to give up, and you get interrupted from a robbery.

  • Cover your windows

The more your home is attractive, the more is the case of a robbery. To avoid this cause you can cover your windows with some sheet, so the intruders can’t peeks inside the house. 

You must hide the valuable things inside your house so the robber thinks of a robbery useless in your home. 

  • Tools in garage

Vehicles and bikes have no other option than placing them in a garage. But other items that include saws, axe, sports equipment and any other kind of tool you have kept in your garage are beneficial for an intruder. 

After getting into your garage, these tools can help him to get access to your main door and inside of your house. That’s why you should not put these tools in your garage.

  • Security alarms

The way you use alarms for a fire, in the same way, can also be utilized for security purposes. It could not be that much cost to fix one alarm in your garage. 

Thought it should make noise if an intruder is inside the garage or any breaking of lock is noticed. This alarm could also make aware of the security system of the society about an emergency.

  • Security cameras

Keeping your security system updated can save you from great loss. Installing a camera in your garage and connecting it with your smartphone is easy and inexpensive. 

The burglar is sacred of these cameras and might not try to break in your garage. However, previous days’ records are available in-camera to check if anyone is seeking a robbery in your house.

  • Shield your garage

As every garage door has an emergency release cord, most probably on the top of your door. A robber can easily break in with the use of these emergency release cord, so some people think to remove it, but it can reduce the security at a greater level. 

So the solution to this problem is shielding your garage. This can cover the front and top of your garage and make it safer.


Every one of us should strictly follow these tips to prevent the garage break-ins because the safety of your home and family is the very first preference.