How to Secure Your Home on a Budget (Without Compromising Security)

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How to Secure Your Home on a Budget (Without Compromising Security)


The security of your home is a thing which might not be compromised on. A home is a place where you live comfortably and enjoy your leisure time, so if this place is not secured, how can you be satisfied mentally to relax. 

If you don’t want to break the bank on the security purpose of your house, you can ensure cheap security techniques described below. 

  • Window lamination

Laminating the boundary windows can help you detect any risk as we are not talking about the costly window lamination. What you have to buy is ream from some car equipment shop. 

Then apply it on the outside of your window. Whenever an intruder is there to get inside your house, a great noise is being made, helping to know you about the threats.

  • Low priced cameras

There are smart and low priced cameras available in the market, though there is no need to buy a pro camera with advance features. Two or three small cameras can easily cover your yard.

You can attach them with several apps to your phone. This will help you to notify if any visualization in camera.

  • Motion detector lighting

These motion detector lights are proved to be a great obstacle for the thieves. These lights can detect easily any movement. They are made up of hard wire with an electrical supply, and if there is a problem in electrical supply, one must buy those lights which work on solar energy.

  • Scary warning boards

It is being experienced that putting scary signs can hinder criminals. You can show up your cameras by keeping these warning signs around them. 

Several security boards can also frighten the intruder from getting in. To keep dangerous animals such as a dog with horny teeth and snake can make the criminal scared and prevents the home from being theft.

  • Striker plates

The use of striker plates makes difficulties for a thief. Every homeowner uses deadbolt for the security of their main door. But that is not secure because every strong man can use a little force to open it. 

Anyhow, this is not the fault of this deadbolt; this is the fault of the plate on which it is fixed. These striker plates are larger than the regular plates distributing the intruder’s force equal. This creates a problem for the thief.

  • Attentive behaviour

This security prevention is cost-free. You have to be vigilant of your surrounding. For this kind of security, you might take the help of your neighbours, because they will be conscious of their security the same way you are.

Ask them to keep an eye your home and inform them about any kind suspicious activity.

  • Goings and comings

Never tell the goings and comings of yours. The thieves who are targeting you keep a check on your whereabouts, the timings of your goings and comings.

You should be aware of your surroundings whenever you get out of your house or enter your home. They can be useful in your security.

  • Noisy proximity sensor

Some people have a dog for this purpose, or you can use also use noisy proximity sensor. This sensor activates whenever a motion is detected.

So you can locate these sensors in your outdoor and create noise with the help two or three barkers which can make a professional criminal frightened.

  • Hiding keys

You can hide the keys in very usual places such as under the mat in between the clothes of a cupboard or a flower pot. Or you can buy an inexpensive locked box to be fixed in an appropriate place.

So if you are careful about your keys, it will cost you nothing.

  • Prevention of particular time

As it is reported that most of the criminal’s break-in from 10 am to 3 pm. The reason for this is that most of the people are at work during this time.

So the prevention during these hours can be an automatic TV, which could be turned on a particular time or park the second car if you have in front of your door to ensure that someone is inside the house.

Several other automated devices are now in the market, such as turning on the lights at a particular time to make the house lit.

  • Keeping  valuable things out of sight

Incase the intruder has broken into your house; your valuable things might not be his first grab. So try to keep your precious stuff out the sight of the criminal as they look into drawers, bedroom cupboards and electronic devices.

As it is statistically proven that a thief remains for 10 to 12 minutes in the house, so by keeping these things away from the access of the criminal can make less loss.

  • Maintained landscape

A maintained landscape can make the criminal aware that people live here, and the house is occupied. This may hinder the criminal from getting in as they target those unoccupied homes because it is easy for burglary.

  • Doorstop alarms for night

You can place several portable and inexpensive alarms near your doorsteps and windows. These alarms will make noise whenever someone tries to enter your home at night.

These alarms are relatively small and lightweight. They can make your night a little worry less. However, the alarm’s noise can also awake people in your neighbouring so that they can call the police and come for help.


We have explained several hacks and techniques for cheap security systems of your home. Try to use them and reduce the increasing theft day by day. People are facing significant loss due to these daily burglaries. The above preventions are very important for the security of our society.