Rust: Prevention Tips & Signs That it May Be Time for a Replacement Door

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Rust: Prevention Tips & Signs That it May Be Time for a Replacement Door


The exterior doors of your home will most probably experience rust. Whenever you fix or buy an exterior door, it should be rustproof. When your doors become rusted, they get weak and don’t hold that strength they used to before rusting. 

Your exterior doors play an important role in securing your home. So one should immediately change the doors if they are rusted for better security purpose.

Appearance of rust

Rust is usually of yellowish-orange colour and sandy in nature. The metal from which the doors are made get attacked by the rust. Whenever the metal is exposed to oxygen and moisture, it starts getting rusty. 

People living near the seaside or rainy areas are more likely to see rust on their metallic things. The other name for rust is iron oxidation. The rust present on your exterior door is so much focused because this is the main part of your home’s outer appearance. 

So try to use rust-free garage doors to maintain the beauty of your home.

Identification of rust

You can easily identify the rust on your doors because it is of a prominent colour. Anyhow, the rust is in the form of red or brown coloured spots on your door. You will find it mostly near the knobs and hinges of the door. 

Steel and iron door is an easy target for the rust to accumulate. Whenever these doors get wet, the rust disappears, leaving some spots on them, and these spots start to increase. However,  once your door has started to rust, it will go on for more rusting and start to eat the metal of your door, making it unsteady and feeble.

Prevention tips 

Here are the several prevention tips which will help you to protect your door from rusting.

  • Fixing a drip cap: a drip cap on the top of the door can save your door from the moisture of rain and snow. The more it is protected from getting wet, the more are the chances that your door will not rust
  • Painting the door: painting your door can save it from rusting. But once the paint fades or peels off, it is exposed to rusting. The solution to this problem is to use a primer before painting your door in case of primer under the paint your door can’t rust. 
  • Washing the door: if you want to prevent your door from rusting, you must wash it with regularity. This will remove all kind of remains and dust particles. It is recommended to clean your doors at least twice a month.

This recommendation can change according to the environment in which you are living. If someone lives in an environment where there is a lot of pollution, you often have to wash your door. The practice of washing your doors as a new season starts has been proved useful. 

The act of washing is beneficial in the sense that it has no expense and prevents your door from rust for a long time. Please don’t wash your garage doors with high water pressure as it can peel the paint off from your door, as you can use a hosepipe of the garden with a medium setting. 

The washing of your door must be done with liquid soap or dishwashing soap, don’t use a soap with toxic chemicals because they can also damage your door’s paint or texture. 

Use a soft cloth for washing the door as the paint will be damaged if a rigid material is used.

  • Use of vinegar: the use of vinegar is not that much effective, but if vinegar is applied on the door, it can help remove rust. However, the appliance of vinegar is not easy.
  • Change the material: one way to get rid of this rust on your door is to change the material from which it is made. Wooden and vinyl doors are less likely to rust. 

You can change your metal doors with rustproof doors of different types. Some quality doors can resist the doors against rust. A garage door made with a mixture of zinc and steel claims to be rustproof.

  • Try not to stick things with your door: the more you will avoid sticking things with your exterior door, the less is the chance that your door rust.

Whenever your door gets wet, the water is absorbed by the things attached with your door more rapidly and the metal of the door as well. So try not to stick things with your door.

  • Galvanneal steel: every one of us know that every metal and steel get rust very quickly. But this is our misinformation because a particular type of steel is still available known as galvanneal steel which is resistant to rust. 

It is present in all hardware shops at a very affordable price.

  • Small spots to complete rusting: one of the prevention tips is to prevent the spreading of small rust spots. Once these small spots start spreading, it can cause complete rusting. So it would help if you washed the small spots as early as possible.
  • Sandpaper: with the help of sandpaper, one can remove the rust if not much accumulated. Slightly move the sandpaper on your door, and meanwhile, the rust can be removed with the help of a soft brush.
  • Self-made mixtures: one way to get rid of rust is to apply a paste which consists of baking soda and water. The mixture is to be used for at least 30 minutes, and after that, you can wash your door with warm water and a soft cloth.


As the rust on your main gate can ruin the beauty of your home. Try the tips mentioned above for prevention they will hopefully let you get rid of rust, and it is after effects.