Lock Round-Up: The Best Rated Bike Locks Of 2020

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Lock Round-Up: The Best Rated Bike Locks Of 2020


There are two options for you as a bike rider, lock your bike or lose your bike, the choice is yours. In a world of hurry, everything can happen within a few minutes, so your bike can also be stolen within a few minutes. 

So the option of locking it might seem better. Securing the bike with a perfect lock is the responsibility of a bike rider. 

Types of Bike Locks

There are different kinds of bike locks of different shapes. The features necessary for a bike lock are to be handy, smart and convenient to use. The two types for these locks are D-shape, also known as U-shaped or shackle lock, the other one is heavy because of the chain also called pad-lock. 

They are easily carried with your bike, as the D lock is hanged around the bike’s frame and that chain lock usually hovers over the shoulder or neck in a case that the chain is not oiled.

Different Locks

The following are the best round up locks of 2020 for your bike.

The Best U-Lock/D-Lock

The U-lock is considered the most rigid lock, as some of the jaw cutter tools are exerted on them. Anyhow, if someone opens this lock with any hack, the opened and chopped version of it is twisted, though the puzzle is not easy to resolve. 

So the burglar needs to chop it twice, and this act requires more time which the thief might not waste. Example of these kinds of locks is Abus Granit X-Plus 540 lock. It could be costly or heavy in weight, but its weight is not more than losing a bike.

The Best Folding Lock

The folding locks are preferred to those who get annoyed from carrying these locks. This lock is easily folded over and put in your bag. They are portable but heavy in weight.

If you live in a low crime area, this can be useful. These folding locks twist around your bike frame and protect the costly parts of them as well. Somehow they are similar to chain locks as well.

The points at which these locks are folded can easily be drilled in, and bolt cutters are also accessible. Example of these folding locks is Abus Bordo Granit X-Plus 6500.

However, they are not more secure than a D-lock. The folding of these locks is mounted in front of your bikes. This model of Abus has a sold secure gold rating, and it is 15/15 on the selling scale of Abus. 

If you get disturbed with the heavyweight folding locks, it is preferred to buy an Abus Bordo Range 6000A which comprises an alarm system.

The Best Belt Wearing Lock

The name itself defines the lock’s structure, as it is similar to wearing a belt on your waist. This is the lightest weight lock and gold rated as well. Other features of this lock are that they are soft and flexible, due to this they can hover anywhere most likely to be tied around the waist. 

This lock has the variable-length to adjust on variable people of the different sized waist. Example of this kind of lock is litelok. It is made up of a unique material known as Boaflexicore, which is opposed against stretching. 

They consist of several layers hence can’t be cut from cable-cutters.  The mechanism of its locking is designed with hardened steel metal. The primary use of its structure is that different liteloks are joined to make a bigger lock. 

The best securing lock

This lock is proved to be the most secure lock against every criminal activity type, so is the name suggesting it. The name of the most secured safety is Fahgettaboudit D-lock introduced by kryptonite. As kryptonite challenges his lock, he will pay $2500 for a new bike if the older one gets stolen while using Fahgettaboudit lock. 

This is the most selling lock on kryptonite’s scale. They might be heavier than all other locks and thieves have to carry welding tools to beat this, which could happen in rare situations. 

It is designed with hardened steel which is 18 mm in its length, and its width is also very much narrow making it more challenging. However, they can be easily transported in your bag.

The best lightweight locks

The lightweight locks include different locks such as coiled cable lock and zip-tie lock the most famous ones. These light locks are usually used in those communities where the crime rate is low. But if you use them in dangerous areas, they are an easy target for the robber to cut with their cutters.

The best All Round lock

The best all-around lock was also introduced by kryptonite—the name all round is given because all of its features are perfect. The structure of this lock is made with hardened steel named kryptonium steel of 14mm length. 

The locking method of this lock comprises a pair of deadbolt which makes it even harder. It turns around your bike frame with strong adherence, keeping your bike where you left it.

The best chain lock

Last but not least, chain locks also proved to be beneficial. They can be secure as much as the kryptonite locks seem to be. But sometimes they are defeated by professional thieves.  

The longer the chain lock, the more it will cover your bike frame and both wheels of your bike. These bike locks are made of different lengths so they can be adjusted on your waist. So chain locks also proved to be easily carried.


If you are in need of assistance with bike lock unlocking, we are your local locksmith in naperville, ready to serve! These different kinds types of locks we’ve covered can make your ride and bike safe. You don’t need to get anxious while doing grocery or having lunch in a restaurant.