Protecting Yourself From Car Theft

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Protecting Yourself From Car Theft


With the passage of time car theft is increasing day by day, I don’t want you to be a part of this over increasing evil journey. It is reported that every 41 seconds, a car is being stolen. 

Agencies and the police stations are amazed at these cars’ stealing. With overwhelming technology and smart keys, the thieves can easily steal your cars and change all the identifications. However, they are trying us to aware of car theft and ensure the precautions against it. 

Prevention Tips

The following are several prevention tips from car theft. We must follow them strictly so that we can secure ourselves and our cars. 

Locking the doors

Make this your habit of locking your car’s doors and keeping on checking them if they are locked yet or not. This might secure you mentally and physically. You should the doors locked while you are driving.

Keys in car

Don’t forget the keys in your car. If you leave them in your car, the windows of your vehicle and sunroof must be closed so that nobody can have access to them. 

The national highway traffic safety administration addresses us not to put an extra key in your glove box as the thieves are well known for checking the places to find spare keys.

Attractive cars 

Whenever your precious things such as mobile phone, credit card and jewellery are inside your car, the thieves will find them more attractive. Try not to put them in your vehicle, keep them with yourself or at home as thieves are always searching for these valuable things. The main targets are still parking lots.

Immobilized devices

You must have an anti-theft system in your car so that the thieves might not hotwire your car. The installation of these immobilized devices can organize smart keys and wireless ignition authentication. They might disable the vehicle so that the thief may not take it off.

Steering wheel lock

Try to have a steering wheel lock in your cars. This will make trouble for the thief, and a little longer is needed to steel the vehicle. Hence it may prevent it from being stolen.

Parking of cars

Try to park your car in a rushy area where several people pass by. They must be parked in lit areas and avoid to park them in isolated areas as the thieves don’t target those cars which are seen quickly. You have to park your car in front of your eyes so you can have a check on it.

Warning devices

You must embellish your car with audible alarms, window etching, and alarms with visible flash for your vehicles’ security. These audible alarms will make a noise to seek the attention of surrounding people.

The sound might come off the car’s horn. These anti-theft systems installed will make the thief leave your vehicle immediately, or people around the vehicle might be caught him. There are several other anti-theft systems which includes

  • Cutting off the ignition systems so that they might not get started.
  • Type of signals is emitted which are easily tracked by police.
  • Several kinds of passive alarms are available which activates automatically when the key is plugged out from ignition point.
  • For installing these devices, you must call on a mechanic as this all is connected with a vehicle system.

High crime areas

For security, you must avoid high crime areas. As you know your destination, you should take an alternative route for it. Everyone well knows the high crime areas, so try not to go in through them.

Be attentive

Whenever you are driving your car, you must be attentive about your surrounding. Look upon your surrounding if it is an isolated area or it dark. It would help if you were alert at gas stations and parking lots because thieves are waiting for the car to stop. 

You should notice in your back mirror if anyone is following you or not. However, keeping a check on your surrounding can help you in reaching safely to your destinations.

Parking techniques

Whenever parking, you can make your wheels outward, which will make troublesome for the thieve. It is recommended to leave the transmission while parking and always use emergency brakes.

Running vehicles

Please don’t leave the cars unattended while it’s running. Some people might risk thinking that I will return in a minute, but a running car can also be stolen within a minute. So try to avoid these kinds of carelessness.

Identification number

You must not have any documents inside your car, because a thief might change the registration number. On the other hand, you can encrypt the identification number of your vehicle in the car’s glass mirrors because the thief cannot replace all of the mirrors as they are expensive.

Security cameras

Security cameras can make your vehicle safer and secure. If you park your out of your house, you might install security cameras. 

Tracking system

For the safety of your car, a tracking system should be installed in your vehicle. If your vehicle is being stolen, this tracking system will require GPS technology or wireless system to monitor your vehicle’s location for police. 

This is also known as a recovery system, as it helps in recovering the vehicle from the thieves. Like other things get installed, the tracking system is also installed from a mechanic or technician.


Above are the several preventive measures for the stealing of cars. People are not caring about their precious vehicles, and joyriders are targeted them with an incredible speed. 

Professionals can quickly get access to your car, so try to install high-tech security systems in your vehicles and make them away from the approach of these thieves.