February Maintenance: New Locks On The Market Review

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February Maintenance: New Locks On The Market Review


Lock and key systems are one of the ancients systems known to us. They are followed consistently for the sake of security in every part of our lives. But now the locks systems are being modified with the increasing technology. 

Smartphones have jumped into our lives to make our lock system to be smart. A lock system has increased because the new developments are made, and buildings are being built which are needed to be secured. 

Significant progress is made in security as we may see remote control gates, CCTV, intercoms, and many more electronic devices. However, the market for lock and security systems is growing fastly.

The old traditional techniques of locksmiths are of no use because no everything is controlled digitally.

Digital Lock System

This is a new era of technology, discovering new devices and tools for security. Indeed the security awareness is also increased with the mishaps happening around the world. So people who are conscious about themselves and their property are keen to ensure security equipment in and around their houses or commercial sites. The countries with increasing populations and who are well developed produces different and innovative lock system. Various components are used in the making of digital lock systems. They are as follows:

  • Deadbolts
  • Padlocks
  • Lever handlers
  • Many more

The technology which is helping us in modifying our security systems has the leading role as well. They include

  • Wifi router
  • Bluetooth 

 Smart Locks Of New Era

The new locks introduced for the residential and commercial are beneficial. The security of your surrounding should be your top priority. So here we will explain a few lock systems for the sake of your safety.

  • Ultraloq U-Bolt Pro

Ultraloq u-bolt pro is a very advanced technological lock system. This new device is very much delicate and not much complex. There are six ways to unlock it, with numerical code or a certain kind of key.

Mostly it is preferred to be opened by the fingerprint of an individual. The highly recommended model for this device is ultraloq-bridge. The numbers which are written on the rubber buttons are better than the numbers on a touch screen.

  • Yale Assure Lock (SL)

Yale assure lock is the second most advantageous lock system. It is a smart, slim, and quick lock system. The metal body of it is has a shiny appearance, though it looks good on every door. 

Yale Assure lock system can be easily connected with the wifi so that you can control your security system with better access. You might change the setting of the lock system by clicking on your smartphone. 

It has a door sense feature that allows the lock system to know whether the door is open or closed with the help of a magnet. This can avoid the disturbance of deadbolts before the doors are shut. 

As there is no key input in this lock system, you may not get into your home in case of low battery, poor internet connection, or any electrical fault.  This model of august is 45%  smaller than the old ones. This lock is preferred when you any other way of entrance, such as a back door. 

This is compatible with Alexa, Google Assistant, and Siri, and this can help you lock and unlock your front door over your voice message. The connection with wifi might help you lock or unlock your home when you are far from your home.

  • Schlage Encode Smart Wifi Deadbolt 

Schlage encodes smart wifi deadbolt is also enhanced with new features. It has both connecting and sensing ability. It connects easily with your wifi or Bluetooth devices without any plug-in adapter. 

However, it is considered the smartest lock with an excellent design of the hardware. This is easily connected with the Alexa, Amazon, Google Assitant, and  Apple Homekit. In this device, you are limited to 100 user codes.

  • Wyze Lock

The Wyze lock is a low budget lock and recommended to those who can’t afford the above ones. As the features of all of them are almost similar, they have easy access to your wifi with a plug-in adapter. The hardware of this is easy to be installed. It has a sensor installed in it that notifies you via your smartphone if you left your door open. This lock system is integrated with an Alexa, which enables you to control the system with your voice, and it is also connected to google assistant.

  • Smart Lock For Apartment Dwellers

The renters mainly use this smart lock. The main advantage of it is that you may not change your deadbolt because it comprises a retrofit design as it is easily installed.

It has those advanced features of connectivity with Alexa, Amazon, and Google Assistant for voice control. It can be accessed through the august mobile app on your smartphone. 

It might be proved advantageous for the people living in apartments and don’t want to remove their already present lock. This smart lock system also has the feature of sensing door opening and closing through the fitted sensors.

The central lock systems are already described above. A few other models which are introduced and are being tested are as follows with a brief description.

  • Nest Yale Lock

It is quite similar to earlier models of yale, as it has a good appearance. It comprises a touch keypad. However, it is not that much enhanced as other lock systems are.

  • Array By Hampton Connected Door Lock

This is operated with the help of solar systems. As it is an expensive lock system and still doesn’t have connectivity with google assistant and Alexa.


These new smart locks are showing maintenance of the technological era. However, these new devices are getting common day by day.