10 Lock Services Offered By ABC Locksmith & Security That You May Not Have Known About

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10 Lock Services Offered By ABC Locksmith & Security That You May Not Have Known About

ABC Locksmith is a very well reputed business that has provided its locksmith services all throughout the Chicagoland suburbs. They provide locksmith services to Naperville, Aurora, Batavia, Skokie, Schaumburg, Hoffman Estates, Orland Park, Oak Park, Oak Brook, and more! They have been working since 2014 to provide different types of lock services. 

Their lock systems are available for automobiles, residential places, commercial sites, and several agencies. They offer sales of different kinds of locks, their installing and repairing. 

Their services are offered round the clock with the best of their technicians. ABC locksmith consists of a few members for their quality work. There are different kinds of lock systems offered by ABC locksmiths, and the following are the ten major lock systems.

Access Control System Installation

It makes your residential and most commercial sites completely secure. You can have a check on the exterior or interior of your business quickly.  If you are far away from your business site, it can provide you with the minor details.

It may let you know who is entering and exiting your building. The modernized electronic access control system is now the basic need of every business.

It can secure any room of your facility in which you don’t want all the people to get access, helps to address you about particular individuals who are getting access to that place, at what time they are into and out of that place. Turnstiles is a well-known access control system.

Broken Key Extraction

Broken key extraction can be one of the worst conditions you might have faced in your life. Whenever you are in a hurry, this might happen and creates panic.

However, there are several tricks to take the broken key out of the lock, but this may take a lot of time. For these kinds of mishaps, there is n eager need to call a locksmith. ABC locksmith responds to their customers within 20 minutes, resolving all your issues.

CCTV Security System

CCTV Security System is one of the beneficial visual systems for the safety of your business and home. They might ensure you about any threat or criminal activity with its alarm system. 

They provide you with a video of the people entering and exiting your home and business building. This can help you to recognize the person if any mishap happens. There are two kinds of CCTV’S.

Ultra HD CCTV System 

They consist of various channels, as four medium CCTV comprises of 4 cameras. These cameras are connected to your smartphone or laptop with the help of a Wi-Fi device and locating you anytime about the present.

Gates and Electric Fencing

Gates and fences are the components of your outermost boundary. There are various kinds of fencing such as free stand fencing, anti-climb fencing, panel fencing and many more.

However, electric fencing requires a monthly check from the security staff. Diversity of designs and colors are available for different kinds of fencing. Fencing is interrupted at every three meters, and the gap between the wires is 100 mm.

Electric fencing has some compliant conditions; ABC locksmiths are registered to issue a certificate of compliance to the homeowner.

Intercom System

An intercom system is usually helpful for the audio verification of the person outside the home or business building. This may provide access from the pedestrian or main gate.

This provides extra security to the people living in their homes, as it can be connected to access control systems and your CCTV cameras. The advanced intercom system enables you to see the visual picture of the visitor as well.

Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are necessary to be aware of different kinds of theft and critical situations. There are indoor and outdoor alarms working completely for your home and nearby places of your home. 

The indoor alarms help the people living inside the home, and outdoor alarms are for your homes nearby places. Regular testing is required for security alarms.


ABC Locksmiths provide you with instant rekeying.  Rekeying can be of your house, automobile, or of your business building. If the lock is old enough for not detecting the key or your key is lost, locksmith services can provide you with instant rekeying.

Dead Bolts

Deadbolts are used to prevent the thief from coming inside with force. As the intruder will use strength to get inside the house, but if the deadbolts are working correctly, it is not that easy to get in. Keys on both sides will prevent it from unlocking.

Pick Proof Lock

Pick proof locks are highly optimized locks that will prevent the burglar from the burglary of precious things. However, the standard safety can be an easy target for a professional burglar. These pick proof locks will keep your jewelry and money box safe and secure.

Mail Box Lock 

ABC locksmiths provide you with mailbox locks if you have lost the keys or shifted to a new house. However, this is a personal box to which you won’t allow anyone to have access.

Desk and Filling Cabinets

It is unnecessary to keep your doors locked in your business buildings, and you can also secure your desks and filing cabinets with keys. As the privacy of your and your client’s documents is the priority.

Billy Buttons

Billy buttons are the most effective locks on the glass sliding doors. They are usually tiny, and a small key is inserted in the lock to open and close them. It is not the usual lock, providing you with a costly security system. This can prevent the children from falling into the pool if placed around it.

Other Security Systems

There are various other security systems you may not have known includes:

Emergency vehicle opening

Steering wheel club removal

Keyless deadbolts

Auto rekeying

Restricted keyways

Panic hardware and exit devices