New Cutting-Edge Home Security Systems

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New Cutting-Edge Home Security Systems

A big concern among people is the security of their properties, something deep inside most of us when it is related to our most precious possessions that is also related to the worry we have to the safety we can offer our family. 

That is the reason why several manufacturers and service companies offer year after year the best Home Security device existing in the market, making every year fill with expectation about the newest devices and systems in the catalogue of you residence protection. Most of these systems and gadgets offer the same features and functions; but most of the times, there are some products that go to the top positions in terms of cutting-edge technology, user-friendly equipment, and helpful customer service.

How to select the Best Home Security Systems

Before getting into details with the most recent Home Security system, it would be good to clarify some aspects that have to be taken into consideration before buying a new safety device or system to protect our houses. Among them, we have to take into consideration, the following aspects:

  • Level of Protection: most of the devices and systems intended to provide home security have to give a standard level of protection as minimum. This level has to cover four important aspects to be considered useful and safer. Protection has to be provided in areas such as: 
  • Intrusion of door, window, and glass-break sensors; 
  • Environmental, checking levels of carbon dioxide; and fire and flood sensors.
  • Surveillance covering all cameras posted outdoor, indoor and doorbell.
  • Safety: with all buttons needed to get assistance from police and/or fire-fighters
  • Cutting-edge technology: on this aspect you have to favor automation options that include remote control features like turning on and off lights or locking doors. These features have to be functional on a daily basis without any problem in their compliance with the principal function which is providing security to your home.
  • User-friendly equipment: the security device or system has to give an easy integration with the daily life. They can also provide reassurance and reliance in the security providence while you are away on vacation or away for some period of time. Keep in mind that they have to be easy to operate and do not incorporate any sort of annoyance in your daily life
  • Customer Service: Most of the Home Security companies require you to get in touch with them when you are ordering your service. These companies will request some fees for installing and activating the service. Be aware of these costs and the disposability of the company to offer future assistance at the moment of problems arising.

The Best Home Security System in the Market

Several experts in the home security area have tried different systems to determine which one of them is the most convenient for providing protection to your home and, thus, to your family. After a deep analysis of some security companies and their products, they have concluded that the businesses mentioned below are the best providers in terms of Home Security.

They are:

  • Vivint Smart Home Security System

Vivint has been offering its services in the Home security system since 1999 and it is well-known for the introduction of cutting-edge technology. Besides that the company offers most of the easiest devices to use out of all companies that gives security services to people. This company has partnered with Google to use Google Assistant Voice control with all devices and applications included in the service it gives.

It doesn’t provide only a safer environment for you and your family protection, the devices included in the company’s product can control the thermostat of your house, turn your lights on and off, and even establish a two-way conversation using your surveillance camera.

The company is also at a high rank in terms of customer service, generating mostly favorable reviews from clients who have contracted it. Although, dealing with this enterprise implies a very short trial period and a long term contract of more than four years. 

  • Frontpoint Home Security System 

The best aspect of this company and its service is the commitment it has to satisfy its clients and give them the required time to take a decision. It is the reason why this company has a high rank among specialized publications and experts.

The other positive aspect of the system offer by the company is the installation process, mostly a do-it-yourself process with the assistance of a personalized mobile website that indicates how to connect the control panel and informs you via online where to place you door sensors and help you in case you get stuck in the process. This virtual assistance will continue at the point you left previously and it will give a phone number if you take longer in one of the steps of the installation process. If the instructions are followed carefully, the installing of the service and devices will not take more than 30 minutes 

  • SimpliSafe Home Security System

A home security system company that takes into consideration the budget of the possible client deserves a special place in buying its product.

Besides that, SimpliSafe has released sleeker and more advanced equipment with the opportunity of acquiring its original monitoring system at a discount or get a refurbished system with a 25% to 35%. The online installing instructions are totally free if you purchase the equipment.

This company offers the chance to update its equipment and enjoy the best advanced features they offer, such as system’s backup system connected with your cellular phone, providing more control and security in your home.

  • ADT Home Security System

A company that has been offering its service since 1874, it is one of the most trustable provider of security with more than six million subscribers and it has turned into a synonymous of home security.

The fame the company possesses has put it into one of the most feared company of thieves; it is so respected by criminals that the simple presence of the ADT logo makes burglars to get away from the company protected place.

ADT gives its clients the possibility to get many products related to security from system´s hub with a tablet-like touchscreen or a classic keypad control panel; it also provides innovative video tech, with cameras that begin recording at the moment of opening a door or the chance to watch from the distance a live feed of what is happening in your house.

Most of the home operation functions are customizable, affecting the final price of the system, like a vacation setting with lights turning on and off, maintaining the temperature steady during your absence.

This company’s devices can be operated using both Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa, operating your home security system by your cellphone.

Take into account every single detail of the features and offers each company to get a home security system suitable to your convenience.