How Come Other Locksmiths Don't Offer Flat-Rate Prices for Lockouts?

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How Come Other Locksmiths Don't Offer Flat-Rate Prices for Lockouts?

The locksmith is considered a vital job to protect the assets of each person in front of the people who want to steal them. It can really be said that locksmithing is a trade that allows repair, installation, and maintenance of locks, locks or padlocks in perfect conditions, to prevent third parties from opening them and stealing things that do not belong to them. Since the existence of humanity, the property has been very important, but these properties have always had to be secured to prevent other people from stealing them.

On this occasion, we will try to show you how much you will have to pay approximately in the case of having to use the services of an urgent locksmith. And we cannot offer you exact data, because this will depend on many variables. For example, the price may vary depending on the rates of the hired locksmith, the type of work you want to order or hours of hiring.

How to get a cheap locksmith?

 In the locksmith’s market, you can hire more or less expensive services. Therefore, if you are in search of a good locksmith, who offers good rates, accompanied by a good job and especially speed, what you should is to compare well.

And is that in the market you can find many locksmiths to choose from, but not all locksmiths will charge the same price for the same work. In this way, we recommend you to hire a service or another, compare prices. For it, you will only have to request budgets for what you need. Once you have some quotes, the next step will be to hire the one that best suits you, for quality and price, remembering that speed is something that you should also value when hiring a good professional.

How much does an urgent locksmith cost approximately?

As we have said, the price that the locksmith will charge you depends on the time and type of work you want to do for you. For this reason, in this case, we are going to assume that you have stayed in the street and you need a locksmith to open the door as soon as possible to enter your house. We put this example since it is the most common today.

If we assume that you want to hire this type of service for a locksmith to open the door after working hours, then we can assume that the price you will have to pay will be between 80 and 100 euros, although in some cases it may be higher. The price will go more or less over this amount if you request emergency service outside working hours.

But of course, the budget we have given you is aimed at opening a normal door. But if for example, you need the locksmith to open an armored door with a quality lock and also you do not have keys and the lock is with all the turns given, then the price will be much higher. This is because it will be impossible to open the door without having to break the door. That is why, not only do you have to pay the locksmith’s bill, but you also have to put a new door and lock. For you to do the idea, the price of this type of service can be 300 to 500 euros, which later you will have to add the price to put a new door and install a new lock.

What is the price of changing a lock?

So you can get the idea, change a simple lock can have a cost of about 80 or 100 euros. But if you are looking to install a high-security lock, then the price will be around 200 euros. Also with an armored or armored door, then the price will be higher than 300 euros. This is because the lock will be much more complicated to put, which will make the locksmith needs more time to leave it perfectly installed.

The price will not only depend on the chosen lock. It will also depend on the hired locksmith. For example, if you hurry to change the lock because you lost the keys, then you must call a locksmith 24 hours. The rates of this type of locksmiths are usually more expensive than the rates of a locksmith during working hours.

But for you to do the idea, the average price of changing a lock is usually at 90 euros. From here, the price may be higher depending on the complexity of the installation.

If you do not hurry the change, it may be a good idea to get in touch with different locksmiths, to try to always get the best price. The same installation can vary a lot in price depending on the locksmith you hire to get the job done. Of course, in no case should you hire non-professional personnel. 

If you do it, not only do you risk that the installation cannot be perfectly installed but also you risk that you can damage even the door. To avoid problems, always hire real professionals, which guarantee a good job and give you a guarantee of the work done.

We already know how much is charged for changing a lock, how much a locksmith costs urgently and why there are cheap locksmiths, but why the locksmiths do not charge the same rate all This is because the locksmiths use different methods to perform their work, some use more sophisticated tools than others and therefore charge a higher amount. Also, the recognition and reputation that the locksmith has achieved an increase in their rates

So if you want to know the rates of locksmiths in your area, we invite you to come and ask about the cost of their services if you want to compare, but on average are the costs mentioned above, so that you have a possible idea of the costs of a locksmith