Locksmith Advice: Quick Tips & FAQ

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Locksmith Advice: Quick Tips & FAQ

The professional residential and commercial locksmiths, have as their job to help all their clients to ensure their homes, businesses, and automobiles using cutting-edge techniques and equipment. Many times in the field, they encounter security threats that many people may not know. Below you will find a list of general safety observations and suggestions from professional locksmith teams that can help you protect your belongings, identity, and properties.

Safety tips and questions from professional locksmiths

  • Can I secure my mailbox?

We know that sometimes you just want to receive something by mail. You may have seen people attach outgoing letters to their closed personal mailbox for the mail clerk to pick up. While this can save a few minutes, it can also cause many hours of trouble if outgoing mail includes checking account numbers that could be easily stolen. Identity theft is difficult to solve. We suggest that you look for an old mailbox and that you take the time to deposit your letter in the slot or to go through the post office to mail it in the traditional way. You may be contemplating whether you want to start a stamp collection, but we will leave it to you.

  • How can I protect my house if I go on a trip?

In addition to keeping the lights on a timer as a safety measure, you may also want to keep a radio on a timer. In addition to seeing the light, potential thieves can be dissuaded by noise. Another good idea is to help us assess possible security issues, so we can secure your home for you. Good security is near, since, with Locks Around the Clock technicians, whether you are in Palm Springs, Palm Desert or La Quinta, we provide a fast and reliable service at your doorstep.

  • I am buying a new boat, should I change the locks?

If you are buying a previous-owned boat, it is important to change or change the key or replace your locks. Whether you have a small boat, a large yacht or something in between, we can help you provide the right locks, safes or keys. When you get in the water, you can enjoy knowing that your boat is safe.

  • What other security systems could guarantee the security of my house?

Believe it or not, investing in some low-cost anti-theft items can help improve the security of your home considerably. Simple things like putting a “watch the dog” sign on your side door or a “maximum home security” sign in your front yard can cause a thief to skip your home when considering whom to hit (even if you do not have a great dog system or state of the art!). You can even try to install a fake security camera by the door of your house if you want to go one step further. All these things can be purchased at your local home improvement store at relatively low prices.

  • I moved to a new home. Do I need to replace the locks?

Buy or rent a new place? If so, make sure you or your new owner change the locks on all exterior doors before or shortly after the move. There are a number of legitimate reasons why someone could have a key to his or her new place, even before he or she does. ! Maybe they were the cleaning lady of the owner/tenant, the insecticide, the family member or the trusted neighbor. Either way, it is good practice to make sure that only you and the people you know and trust have access to your place of residence.

  • I have employees in my house who do not live with me. How can I keep myself safe from them?

If you have a gardener or a pool maintenance person who needs weekly access to your property, then you will know how important it is that they have access to it when they need it. For temporary access to your property, we always recommend using a combination lock over a key lock. Combination locks can be changed if, for some reason, you need to revoke the access of a previous worker.

  • Is it advisable to have an extra key?

If you are out of your car often and you are getting tired of it, try leaving a spare key in your wallet or purse. It may seem obvious, but sometimes it’s those little things that can make a big difference.

  • Should I block the door of my garage and also the one inside?

If you leave your house when you leave the garage every day, you will probably not close the door when you leave. Most standard garages are much easier to open than the rest of a locked property and if you leave the garage door open, a thief can access your entire home. If you have a different key for this door, call us and we can change it so you can use the same key as the rest of your doors.

  • How can I ensure my church or some religious place?

A place of worship sometimes overlooks the need for security. Currently, many houses of worship have expensive sound systems, as well as other electronic equipment and valuables of historical and religious importance. In addition, computers often contain information about donations, along with personal information about attendees. We are experts in this field and we are more than happy to talk about security solutions for your place of worship.

Now in the market there are more sophisticated locks that are anti-dumping, if you have an old one you can replace it with a new one, or install the second bolt but this with an anti-dumping mechanism, it is necessary that you take all the precautions to have your house insured, either it is necessary to go to extremes and make it an insurmountable strength, but at least adapt it to the more secure and sophisticated mechanisms that are available to everyone.


These types of scenarios are often circumstantial and are beyond the control of any individual, but there are some tips that your locksmith would like to give you to minimize at least the risk of this type of occurrence. First of all, it is recommended to obtain a strong key for your lock, so that it does not break inside the lock easily. This is also something that we can do quickly in a branch, so come and see us do this quickly. Secondly, we advise you to leave a spare key with a neighbor or friend that you trust could be a good idea. This way there will always be someone to call if you ever need it.

If I haven’t answered your question on this blog post, please refer to our Locksmith FAQ page where there are many more locksmith-related questions by myself or my partners! For more information, please contact us directly via e-mail or by phone.

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