Home Security Checklist 2019

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Home Security Checklist 2019

If you are the sort of person that is truly concern about you and your family welfare, and there is a deep worry about the safety and protection of them and your belongings; then you have to be very careful of all the points and places that can mean a possible danger around your properties at home.


It is advisable that you perform a thoroughly revision of all the locations inside and outside your house and take note of everything you consider it has to be reinforced or needs to be protected. This checking has to be done from time to time and take all the necessary measures to make your place a safer one for your and your family’s sake.


Now, let’s take a look on how you should check your house in order to verify the strong and weak points of your security system if you any or take the steps to provide one to your place.


Places to Check to Provide Home Security

  1. The perimeter of your house


The first place that you have to check to start or improve your home security system is the surroundings of your house which includes not only the sidewalk in front of it but the boundaries with your neighbor’s property.

Verify if there are no bushes, shrubs or walls that would allow someone to hide behind them; also, check that your front door and windows are totally visible from the outside. Furthermore, be sure that your house looks well care, secure and firm as well as your garage. Rule out all possible gaps or climbing places and check carefully all entrances that access your property; this has to be done every now and then no matter how efficient your security system could be.

After that you have to see the boundaries with your neighbors and make an agreement with them if there is the need of placing new plants or walls to enhance security in your neighbor’s house as well as yours.


  1. The house access.


The next step to do in this checking up, it is the turn to see the house itself. The first step is to imagine is that you just arrived to a stranger’s house with no good intentions at all; try to figure out the possibility of getting into the house without any keys. Check all possible entrances, such as windows and garage, and verify if they offer an easy or hard access to your dwelling. Do this revision in broad daylight and also at the darkest hours, verify if someone has seen you trying to get access to your house and how many of your neighbors have approached you to ask you what is going on.

At the same time it is good to give an eye to the door and its structure and material, since some doors with glass panel is more vulnerable than a solid wooden door, and this step makes us go to the next move in the house revision.



  1. Locks, hinges and bolts.


Now dedicate some time to verify the doors, especially the most vulnerable part of them such as locks, hinges and bolts. Verify if they are in good conditions and very tight to the door structure. Furthermore, if the door opens outward, it means that hinges are exposed to strangers and make the door very vulnerable. Situations like this can be avoided when an exhaustive revision of any point in the house


  1. Other constructions or structures in the premises.


If you have some constructions at home, like a guest house or a shed, even the mailbox has to be included in the examination of the security around your house. Be certain that none of these structures cover the view from inside your house to the surroundings and they don’t offer a hide place for criminals either.



Measures to take for a better Home Security System

  1. It is advisable that the boundaries lines in the front of you home have to be wide and low so proper and strangers can take a look at your place; while lateral and back boundaries lines are recommendable to be tall. Depending on the region you are located, these side and rear constructions should go up to 1.8 meters with the possibility of a higher boundary with a previous authorization of your local government.


  1. Try to keep your house well illuminated outside. If there is possible installed a light system that gets on with the dark and off during the day. Motion sensors are recommendable, but keep in mind that they are very sensible and can be activated by the presence of pets or other animals; another disadvantage with motion sensor is the strong beam they emitted causes annoyance to your neighbors or passers.


  1. A wooden door should be at least 44 cm thick. If there are glass panels, the glass to be used has to be laminated glass. Weak wooden doors have to be reinforced with other strong wood or plywood. There is the chance to use PVCU doors, but they required to be installed according to the manufacturer’s indications. Do not hesitate to look for assistance with your local locksmith agent or service if you want to add new locks to your existence doors.


  1. All the windows that can be easily reached by the act of climbing should possess a lock that can be closed by using a key. Remember to close all windows, even those that are out of reach; you may think that thieves could not go to a second level and get into a window at roof level, well think twice since criminals have turned into very resourceful people.


  1. Keep in mind that a fire can take place due to wrong wiring of malfunctions in the electrical system. It is recommendable that a fire alarming system and good fire security insurance should be included in all plans to increase security at home.


Keep at hand all the emergency phone numbers and always ask a neighbor to check your place when you are away on vacation or business. Be sure that all of the aspects mentioned above are revised constantly and that you take the needed measures to correct any wrongdoing in 2019.

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