Will Opening the Company's Safe Damage the Property Inside?

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Will Opening the Company's Safe Damage the Property Inside?

There comes a time in life when we are unable to open the company’s safe using the proper way. This means that we find ourselves forced to use different methods in order to open it. Here, we are going to give you some pretty useful information about that. First, it is quite important to understand what a safe is. Well, a safe is sometimes called a strongbox as well as coffer. It is a secure lockable box which is mainly used for keeping important items safe; items like documents, valuable objects, jewelry, and money among many others. A safe is built in order to protect these important documents from getting damage during accidents like fires, natural disasters like floods, and even from theft.

The main characteristics of a safe are that it usually is built in the form of a cuboid or sometimes a cylinder with one removable face that is often hinged so it can work as a door. They are normally made of steel or plastic. The safe used by bank tellers are secured to the counter, this safe usually have a slot for putting valuables in without having to open it. One of the aspects that can differentiate one type of safe to another is if they are secured to a structure of if they are movable.

The specifications that are considered when looking for a safe are the following:

  • Resistant to burglars.
  • Resistant to fires
  • Resistant to environmental elements such as dust, water, etc.
  • Lock type, for example: key, combination, time lock, electronic lock)
  • If it’s secured to a structure or can be moved.
  • Smart safes being part of an automated cash handling system

Sometimes, it is possible to open a safe when the key is lost or the combination is forgotten. This is commonly called safe cracking. Safes are made to protect your most valuable possessions and this makes them very difficult to open when we do not have the key or don’t remember the combination. However, in the case of electronic locks there is a very easy method for cracking it. These electronic safes usually have their door firmly placed by 4 1-inches bolts. They have pry-resistant hinges and they are also very resistant to drops. They can withstand drops of 15 feet, which is a lot.

They seem to be very well protected until you find out that it is possible to open this kind of locks applying a very easy method. It will take just seconds, maybe a couple of minutes by using a magnet, a rare earth magnet to be very specific. Most of the magnets that we can find around nowadays are made of neodymium. Nevertheless, it is also possible to find some of the magnets that were commonly used around the 70s; these were usually made of samarium-cobalt alloy. It is of great importance to point out that neodymium magnets can be quite dangerous since they are very powerful. A neodymium magnet can easily wreck your electronic devises, they have the power for almost instantly erase a hard disk; plus, they can also cause injuries and ven death if you are not careful.

You will need:

  1. Neodymium magnet (a large one)
  2. Something to handle the magnet, a guy sock is usually recommended.

And that’s pretty much it. This is all you need to get an electronic safe opened. And you will build your safe-cracking device by putting the magnet in the sock. Now, you will just have to put your cracking device on the safe to open it. Well, it is a little more complicated than that.

Let’s see, a lot of these kinds of safes usually work with a nickel solenoid which activates the locking mechanism. The secret is locating the solenoid. Even though, the area of the safe is not so large you will have to move the magnet carefully on it so you are able to find it. It is usually located on the front door. When you find it, it will just open by itself. You won’t have damaged any of the valuable documents of items in the safe.

Also, to make this clear, it is important to say that the sock is used so you are able to move the magnet around. Remember that neodymium magnets are powerful and without something like a sock it would be very difficult to slide around the safe. Before this, you had to throw the safe around from high places until it was damaged enough so it would open itself, also damaging all the things inside and not to mention all the noise that this activity produces. This method does not only make it very easy to open electronic-locking safes, and other kinds of safes. But the most important thing is that it will not damage any of the content of the safe and it will take just a couple of minutes and less than 20%.

So remember, be careful when using neodymium magnets because they are very powerful, neglecting on this might result in the destruction for your electronic devices, injuries and death in the worst case scenario. You will only need a magnet and a sock to open these highly protected safes. Make sure to not let everybody know about this method since this can jeopardize the safety of your values, try to use it when is strictly necessary. And we highly suggest to restraint from using this easy method for any illegal activities.

However, if you do decide to do so, you will do it 100% on your own free will. Again, we do not recommend such illicit activities, since it is important to respect other people’s possessions and is very likely that you will face charges in you get yourself cought during the employment of this method.

For further information or assistance, feel free to contact ABC Locksmith and Security directly, located in Naperville IL off of Washington Street.

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