What is a Smart Lock?

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What is a Smart Lock?

A smart lock is a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi-empowered intelligent home gadget that allows clients to abandon their home keys, lock and open gates with a finger or a specific voice order. Smart locks also permit remote access, which helps you open your house gate to allow visitors while working. You can install a smart lock in your home from any locksmith in Naperville, IL.

What Is the Function of a Smart Lock?

Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access locks have made a modern home security adventure with customization elements and usefulness intended to give you command over what befalls your home. They go far past the capacities of standard locks.

Many accompany both Bluetooth and Wi-Fi networks, expanding the capacity to utilize remote attributes. Assuming that a smart lock had just a Bluetooth network, you have to face connection issues thinking your front entryway was excessively far from your smart home center. To install any smart locks in your house, you should get help from a residential locksmith in Naperville, IL.

Some essential features of a smart lock:

Provide Remote Control through an App

Most smart locks have Android and IOS applications that permit you to regulate the safety from a distance from your cell phone, screening all activities around your door, and caution you about any danger.

Connection with Wi-Fi to Monitor in Real-Time

Wi-Fi connection lets you see the real-time entry and exit, so you generally realize who has entered and departed your home and when. This is a significant component for guardians who need to ensure their children have gotten back securely from school.

Connect through Bluetooth

Bluetooth availability assists your smart lock with remembering you by connecting via your cell phone and opening your entryway as you reach your house door. 

Make use of a variety of keyless entry methods.

Various keyless entry alternatives could include closing and opening with your cell phone, remote start with your cell phone, and code numbers for anybody required to enter your house, voice orders, and contact or unique finger impression recognition.

 Permit Auto-locking system

Auto-locking choices help you to set your smart lock to close the entryway automatically if, in any case, the door is left open for a particular measure of time.

Sends warning notification to your cell phone

Receive warning messages on your cell phone if somebody attempts to break or alters the smart lock. You can likewise set your safety to automatically inform the police or a home defense administration if any event occurs.  

Some common concerns of smart locks:

Is it possible for a hacker to gain access to my home via the smart lock’s Wi-Fi connection?

Keep your intelligent locks secure from pirates and electronic altering by utilizing promising security practices by setting up your Wi-Fi framework. For instance, require a secret phrase to connect with your Wi-Fi and consistently use complex passwords. 

How can I get into my house if my internet or electricity goes out?

Many savvy lock models likewise accompany a conventional key port, so you can involve it as a standard lock if necessary. Furthermore, Bluetooth availability will, in any case, work with your cell phone when you’re in range of the telephone and safe to associate. Brilliant lock makers know about these issues, and many have their answers for these circumstances. 


Introducing intelligent locks is a brilliant introduction to smart security for any house. With a smart lock, you can give custom codes to other people, which you can alter whenever you want instead of giving them an extra key. Smart locks likewise work with your security framework, giving warnings when somebody enters or empowering you to lock them remotely. If you want to install an intelligent lock anywhere in Naperville, you should contact ABC locksmith and security in Naperville, IL.