The Big Question: Schlage or Kwikset?

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The Big Question: Schlage or Kwikset?

THome security has become a big concern for people around the world, so more and more people invest in smart devices that can increase their overall security.

One of the best investments to increase home security is to buy an intelligent lock. There are a lot of smart locks out there, and dozens of manufacturers make promises like, “We have the best products on the market.”

In the worst case (but not uncommon) is that rushed buyers are faced with obsolete products: rubber locks or some other defective device. It is essential for us to choose wisely and identify companies that manufacture quality intelligent locks. Fortunately, we are about to compare two of the most popular brands of smart locks: Schlage and Kwikset.

If we want to secure our homes and have a reliable intelligent product that will not fail us, we should seriously consider opting for one of these two smart locks.

Kwikset and Schlage are two of the most famous products on the market. They are the best and best sellers of Amazon. Both companies have thousands of satisfied customers and, most importantly, their products are highly reliable and reliable.

To find out what is the best intelligent blocking of these two, we will compare some of the most critical aspects of these products. We will talk about its strong and weak sides, we will evaluate your designs, capabilities, and characteristics.

Schlage vs Kwikset: Pros and Cons

To discover how an intelligent lock can make our everyday life more comfortable, we will analyze some crucial issues.

  • Installation process

It is essential to know if the installation processes of Kwikset and Schlage are complicated and if we can do it ourselves without professional assistance.


Installing an intelligent door lock can be a bit frustrating. Certain steps must be completed to have a fully functional intelligent lock.

If you skip any of the steps, the smart lock will not work. Therefore, it is vital to install our locks correctly to ensure that everything works as it should.

Fortunately, Kwikset has an excellent user manual that will help with the configuration. If somehow you lose it during the process, do not worry, there are perfect guides that will explain the installation process step by step. If you follow the instructions as recommended, you will have your Kwikset fully functional in one or two hours.


Like Kwikset, Schlage can be a bit difficult to install. For a non-technical buyer, it may seem impossible to complete.

But if you spend as little as 10 minutes surfing the web, you will find all the know-how of this intelligent lock. Schlage also has a detailed user manual that will help you during the installation process.

The installation of the Kwikset and Schlage locks is so simple that you only need a screwdriver to make it.

  • Characteristics

In addition to the visual aspects and the installation process, it is essential to know the characteristics and capabilities of our smart locks.

The first thing to keep in mind is that we cannot fool ourselves into believing that the Kwikset locks are the only ones that are really good, or that the Schlage locks are the best in the world. That’s a big no-no. All the smart locks that are currently available in the market have their pros and cons.

At this time, we are comparing Kwikset and Schlage, so let’s talk about some of their characteristics and capabilities of the most popular models.

First, take a look at the table below that perfectly shows the characteristics of these two smart blocks. For this table, we will compare the Kevo models of Kwikset and the Schlage Connect.

Kwikset Kevo

  • Bluetooth Smart with a Bluetooth 4.0 enabled device
  • History and notifications – see who has blocked/unlocked Kevo.
  • Compatibility with smartphones.
  • Touch-to-Open technology.
  • Can be integrated with third-party products.
  • Free unlimited guest keys.
  • Block and unblock through the mobile application.
  • EKeys transferable.
  • Led technology.

Schlage Connect

  • Stores up to 30 personalized user codes at a time.
  • Z-Wave technology for integration with other electronic components.
  • ANSI Grade 1 for greater residential security.
  • Durable resistive touch screen.
  • Keyless security.
  • Self-management characteristic.
  • Built-in alarm technology.
  • Illuminated touchscreen, resistant to fingerprints.
  • Integrates with third-party products.

So those are the main characteristics of Kwikset and Schlage. Judging from the previous table, these two intelligent blocks have somewhat exciting and unique characteristics. For example, the built-in alarm technology makes Schlage Connect even more attractive, as it is something everyone would love to have.

  • Security

The next topic we will write about is the security levels provided by Kwikset and Schlage. We have heard many times that smart locks are good but, hey, are they safe? It is important to know if hackers and thieves can avoid the security system.


Since we use EKeys to open Kwikset locks, there is no possibility of a thief entering the system; so you can be 100% sure that Kwikset’s security system will not let you down; it is 100% reliable and it has never been heard that someone has been the subject of a theft due to a security breach.

Another concern that could have is the range of EKeys. For example, you can leave and leave your phone accidentally at home. You can start to panic, thinking, “What if the door opens just because my phone is somewhere nearby?”

It’s an excellent question, and I assure you that the door will not open by itself. The range is concise and, again, it is practically impossible for the door to unlock. In addition, Kwikset boasts of having a PKI encryption. These have a level 2 certificate of the BMHA, the second best security rating.

Finally, if for some reason you cannot use the EKey or the remote control, Kwikset can be unlocked with a good traditional key lock.


The most important advantage of Schlage is safety. It easily outperforms most of the smart blocks that are available in the market. The best thing about Schlage’s security system is the warning sound that sounds when someone interrupts the lock.

Schlage also detects forced entries and offers a deactivation mode. It can be useful when you are traveling or just away from home for any reason. If you disable your smart lock while it is absent, even authorized entries will not work.

Schlage complies with ANSI / BHMA Grade 1 standards, and that is the best safety rating a door bolt can have.

All in all, both Kwikset and Schlage are excellent intelligent locks. These locks have excellent features, modern and simple designs, high durability and affordable prices. I hope that with this little guide you can choose the best one for you and your house.