Solutions for a Garage Door Lockout

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Solutions for a Garage Door Lockout

Coming home to a broken garage door can irritate you, especially in the cold, rain, or snow. In winters, such problems happen the most. So, winterizing the garage door will help extend the door’s life and reassure homeowners that the door will operate normally when it is most needed.

Have you been locked out of your garage because the door motor has failed? Or do you not have the keys? Or did the key snap inside the lock? Is it pouring outside, and there’s a thunderstorm, and you can’t get into your garage? There are numerous ways to lock out your garage, and we’re here to offer a few tips and techniques that may be useful regardless of the type of garage you have in your home.

If you’re motor has broken:

When there is no power, digital locks can stop working. If this is the case, this same faulty motor isn’t a major issue. All that matters with electronic locks would be that the track is not locked or jammed. If the problem is only with the electric motor, you can get back into your garage by finding and trying to pull on the manual release cord. If you’re unsure how to do this or can’t get back into your garage, contact a locksmith in Naperville, IL.

Remove the Side Door:

Because most garages have rear doors, the first step is to double-check to see if this is locked. If it isn’t, that’s great news. If it is, and the door only has a locked knob for security, try entering with a credit card.

Homeowners should avoid credit cards that are no longer in use because they will almost certainly damage the plastic. Slide the card between the door and the frame and operate it up or down to the latch. Using the card as leverage, apply force to the door and push it open to release the locking mechanism from the strike plate.

Unsecured side doors, like manual release levers for garage doors, can benefit robbers as they are locked-out residents. As per the Locksmith Naperville, IL, if the credit card method works to obtain access to the garage, consider installing a lock on the door and making duplicate keys in case another lockout occurs.

Using a manual release:

To manually open the garage door from the outside, follow these steps: Go to the middle of your garage door. Press your hand along the top and feel for a hinged release lever (it usually has a rope attached to it), turn something malleable, like a wire coat hanger, into a long hook, hook the release hinge, and pull down toward yourself. The garage door should be manually released and opened. This tactic may be rendered ineffective by anti-burglary hacks. If you’re stuck and can’t get the door to open manually, give Locksmith Naperville, IL, a call.

Getting in touch with a professional is always the best option:

The above tips and tricks should help you get out of a garage door lockout situation. If you’ve tried all of the suggestions and still can’t get the garage door to open, it’s time to call the team of lockout locksmiths in Naperville, IL. They would be delighted to assist.