Residential Locksmith FAQ: Locksmith Naperville IL

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Residential Locksmith FAQ: Locksmith Naperville IL

In the world there are thousands of types of locks, many of them have specific functions and others are common and may be necessary for any door that requires some security. However, there are different areas in cities where you have to be careful and set safety parameters on doors and locks. In fact, today there are many locks security tips for different uses.

In residential areas, apartments and condominiums it is very important to ensure the safety of houses, apartments, and buildings, as they are areas where many people pass. To ensure safety in these residential areas it is advisable to install security locks on most doors of a house or building. The most common cases of theft occur because criminals enter easily through the doors and bars of houses, apartments and even buildings. Next, we will know what are the most frequent questions and answers that are made by the people or inhabitants of these residential areas.

  • What doors are recommended for a residential area?
  • The best option for a residence is to install a metal door of caliber 18, 16 or 14 type with ROI reinforcements through. In general, these doors come with high quality locks already installed, and thanks to their multiple locking reinforcements are some of the safest for these areas.
  • Is it good to replace old locks with new locks?
  • This may depend on the time and quality of the door/lock. There are different brands that offer more or less security than others. For example, MegaLock doors and locks are popularly known throughout the world. The quality of these locks is fully guaranteed, and this guarantee is valid for up to 20 years. In cases like this, it is not necessary to replace the locks, it would be advisable to do a maintenance with a certain frequency to guarantee its operation. But if the locks are of low quality and start to fail in a short time, it is better to replace them with better quality ones and thus guarantee the security of the residence.
  • What do I do if I lose the keys to the residence?
  • If you do not have a spare key in a safe place, it is best to look for the caretaker or residence manager to open the door. If the keys are lost in unknown places or simply do not remember where they were lost, the door lock must be changed immediately to prevent other people from finding the key and entering the residence. In any case the best option is change the lock.
  • I have a residential condominium. How do I save by installing security locks?
  • Installing security locks on each door of the condominium can be expensive. However, if the condo has a front door it is in it where a good security lock must be installed. If the condominium does not have the main entrance, then safer locks must be installed at least in the main residences.
  • How do I prevent criminals from breaking the lock on the door of the residence?
    • To let the delinquents stop pushing the doors, they should be reinforced. One of the best options is to install armored doors of class 3 or higher because these are very complicated to force them. In addition, you can install a safety cylinder equipped with a unique key – which cannot be copied – that includes a proprietary anti-theft device with a multi-layered security shield system, providing extra protection since it is much more difficult to Force that the traditional ones.
  • Criminals have entered through the window of the residence. How do I reinforce the windows?
  • To increase the security of the windows, a shielded glass of 12 mm or more can be placed. In addition to not being able to break them, armored blinds can be adapted that block and prevent access to the glass.
  • Can I have only one key for all the doors in the house?
  • You can have a master key that allows access to all doors in the house or even to other houses. However, it is not advisable to install locks that allow the master key to having access to them because any person with a key like this can have access to the house or residence. The best thing is to place unique locks in each house or room, even the different rooms. It is better that each door has a lock with a unique key, and remember to keep copies of the keys in safe places.
  • Can a security lock be repaired?
  • In most cases, a broken lock cannot be repaired. To ensure the safety of the house or residence, it is better to replace the broken lock with a new one. Make sure that the installation of the new lock is correct and works correctly.
  • What level of the door lock is best to ensure the safety of a home or residence?
  • Expert locksmiths ensure that the NigthWatch level 2 security bolt with a 1 ‘plug is the perfect residential security option. For maximum protection, it is recommended to place safety locks on all entrance doors, including the front, rear and side doors, as well as any access door to the garage.
  • Why can some criminals’ open doors with credit cards in a very short time?
  • The main reason why this happens is that the latch is misaligned. Entry locks with keys use what is called a “mortise” lock. If you look at the latch at one end, you will see two pins with spring. The first one is large and conical and is designed to be inserted in the handle. The smallest flat pin is the “shroud”.

To work properly, the handle must be aligned in such a way that the shroud does not go through the opening of the latch. If this happens, you can push it back with a credit card or screwdriver. If the shroud stops on the latch, the latch cannot be pushed, remaining in the block position. The realignment of the latch should mitigate the problem.