Mailbox Lock Malfunction

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Mailbox Lock Malfunction

The locks of mailbox or locks or locks used for the mail boxes are a quite frequent problematic, this is because the locks for the mailboxes tend to be quite small and sometimes a lock of the same lock or an evil occurs operation of said lock. It is necessary to evaluate the lock of the mailbox to rule out that this lack of oil or have any failure that may cause a lock of said lock.

There are many causes that can lead to a malfunction of the lock of mailboxes, this time we will mention some of the causes that can lead to a malfunction of said lock and how to repair these common mistakes. Some of these problems and their possible solutions are:

 It costs to turn the key: This is a quite common problem in the locks for mailboxes, since being small locks they tend to jam the keys with ease when they are not given the proper maintenance. For this it is necessary to lubricate the lock with a little lubricant or spray oil. It is also necessary to discard any problems in the key as the key is felt or about to break, because if this happens it may be the key that is failing or causing malfunction and not the lock of the mailbox. It should be noted that if the problem is not remedied with these tricks, it is necessary to call a locksmith to fix the problem without the need to damage the lock.

 Stuck key or broken key: This is another problem that can occur with small locks such as mailbox locks. This problem arises when the key or the forced lock is felt, an excessive force is made and the key is split inside the lock for the mailbox. For this you can use a small pincer such as a small scissors, an eyebrow tweezers, a screwdriver, a nail clip or even a click to remove the key, it is necessary to try to remove the broken or stuck key with great patience to avoid damage the lock, if necessary it is recommended to try this procedure with lubricant or spray oil to facilitate the procedure. However if it can not be done it is necessary to call a locksmith to remove the key

 Damaged latches: This is something very common that happens with small locks in which the latch can be damaged. To solve this, you can tighten the screws of the mail box lock, which may be loose and cause malfunction of the mailbox lock. Also another very frequent cause that can lead to malfunction of the lock of the mail box is the lack of oil or lubricant in the latches, for this it is necessary to maintain an optimal lubrication of the latch to avoid its malfunction. Another cause that may cause malfunction of the lock for mailbox is that the latches are misaligned, in this case it will be necessary to call a locksmith to straighten the latches and so the lock continues to work in time optimally.

 The key does not enter: This is another common problem, in some cases especially in countries that have 4 stations it is common to see that the key does not enter in winter due to the low temperatures or because it also lacks lubrication or oil to the lock, this is Another cause of malfunction of the locks for mailbox, which is a very common reason especially in European countries or North America where they have winters with very low temperatures. It is necessary to always keep the mail box lock lubricated to prevent low temperatures from damage

 The key rotates but does not work: This problem that causes the malfunction or blockage of the mailbox locks is also quite common and is due to the damage to some internal component of the lock, in these cases there is no trick that can be used to help the lock, in these cases you should call a locksmith to check the lock or alternatively replace the lock with another model.

There are many more problems apart from those already mentioned that can cause the malfunction of a lock for postbox, it is necessary to know how to identify them and how to solve it easily without the need to call a locksmith to solve the problem that is occurring .

However, if you can not identify the problem that is occurring with the mailbox lock you can call a professional, in this case a locksmith to find the solution to the problem of the mailbox lock and keep our Lock the mailbox for a longer time.

In the same way it must be remembered that if the problem persists after being repaired by both you and the locksmith, it will be necessary to change the lock of the mailbox for a new one. When purchasing a new lock for postbox it is necessary to take into account many aspects such as the lock model and the type of lock. Mainly the types of locks are based on the type of closure of the lock, most of the locks that are used as locks for mailbox, are multi-lock locks that have between 3 and 5 side closures that are all surrounding a cylinder . Also the material of the lock is mainly recommended to be iron or stainless steel, which have a longer duration in time and prevent corrosion by the environment and pollutants.

Regardless of what happens, it is necessary to try to solve the problem of a malfunction or a lock of the mailbox lock, either solve it with one of the methods mentioned above or with the help of a professional as an experienced locksmith in these cases, to avoid losing the lock.

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