Locksmith Emergency Roadside Assistance Naperville IL

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Locksmith Emergency Roadside Assistance Naperville IL

If you think that having an emergency roadside assistance service is a waste of money, then think again. Having roadside assistance coverage it’s your first line of defense when your vehicle breaks down or you get locked out of your car in the middle of nowhere. Nowadays, it is a requirement for any vehicle insurance policy, it is also very common for these insurance companies to join forces with nationwide roadside assistance networks. This is why they are able to contact whichever company is close to you in an emergency situation to dispatch help as quick as possible. Make sure you pick a coverage plan that adapts to your budget but never go through life without one of these services. Roadside Emergency services usually provide you with: towing, emergency locksmith services, battery services, fuel delivery, flat tire services, and extrication. 


An emergency roadside assistance is a service provided by a professional who will attempt to make minor mechanical repairs and adjustments to get you back in your car and make drivable again. If you think about it the list of things that could go wrong with your car is practically infinite which makes it more reasonable to add an emergency roadside service to your insurance policy. If for any reason you find yourself unable to drive your car and the professional cannot resolve the issue in location, then you are going to need one of the following: 

– Towing Service: This is available when the roadside reparation attempt fails and the professional is unable to get your car working again. Depending on the type of coverage you bought, the company will tow your car any given mechanic in a limited number of miles. However, should you need your car to be two beyond the established limit, they are not going to leave you stranded, they will simply charge you extra for it.

– Battery service: Unless the manufacturer’s manual says otherwise if your car will not start, the roadside assistance professional will attempt to jump-start it in an effort to get your car running. If you drive an electric car or a hybrid, you should consider reading the owner’s manual before you attempt anything, since they operate differently than other cars, also, make sure the roadside service you pay for, offers professional assistance for this type of vehicles. In the case of hybrid cars, their batteries do not need to get jump-started.

– Fuel Service: If your car stops in the middle of nowhere due to not having enough fuel and there are no gas stations nearby, you call your trusted emergency roadside service and have fuel delivered to your location and get you back on the road again in as little time as possible. Bear in mind that they will charge you for the fuel they bring you and most of the time the price will be that of the area you are in. 

Extrication and winching service: If your car gets stuck or constrained, call your emergency roadside service immediately and they will solve the problem, however, bear in mind that the more people they need and the more trucks they have to bring means the price will go up.


– Car Unlock Service: When you find yourself unable to get back into your car because you left the keys inside, you broke your key on the ignition or in the door while attempting to open your car, you will want to contact your trusted locksmith emergency roadside service. However, each situation is handled in a different way, when you left your keys inside your car, then, it’s a lockout situation, and the professional locksmith will use a pump or a wedge to open the door and get you back in your car. In case you break your key, then the locksmith will come prepared not only to retrieve the key but also to make you a new copy, if the situation demands it, your car may be towed to a secure location, where the locksmith can work on it more carefully and stress-free, however, remember this is going to cost you extra. These services will get you back into your car without damaging it or breaking the weather seals. 

Picking the right locksmith emergency roadside service provider can be a tricky thing. There are some providers that will charge you over the phone before they dispatch any help to your location. This is trip fee tends to be non-refundable and paying it only guarantees the arrival of the assistance, not the actual work, which is another fee entirely, luckily, there are some businesses that will not charge you the trip fee, they will simply charge a single fee and dispatch help immediately. Make sure you pick a provider that promotes honesty and integrity above all sorts of fees.

A proper locksmith emergency roadside emergency service will be available through all sorts of means, phone number, website, mobile app or social media so you can easily find and locate them even in the middle of the night while stranded. In the age of smartphones, most of these providers have developed apps to better assist you with your locksmith needs. 

In terms of cost, they will vary from provider to provider and will also depend on the services you are requesting, but the formula is pretty much the same for all, location plus the time of the day, plus the complexity of the service requested. A simple lockout situation will always be cheaper than getting your key stuck in the ignition. 

Few things frustrate a driver, and getting lockout of their own cars in the middle of nowhere surely is one of them, do not wait for it to happen to start looking for emergency services on your phone, is better to have one already, there are many auto-clubs out there that also offer these services for an annual fee, meaning no extra charges will be applied to you.