Is Your Home Security System at Risk for Being Hacked?

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Is Your Home Security System at Risk for Being Hacked?

“Is it possible that they hack the security system of my home?” This is a fairly common question among users and the answer is yes, but do not worry there are many ways to avoid it! The Internet has raised all kinds of benefits in society, but also has security problems and weaknesses that are connected to it. And is that wireless security systems are easily manipulated by computer hackers.

All devices connected to the network with more or less difficulty are susceptible to being hacked by malicious users, which is an important danger that must be avoided. The trick is to use the appropriate security measures to avoid breaking into your system and that is what is explained below.

Some home automation services are so poorly protected that they can be controlled from a web, with the IP address. Others are accessible when entering the Wi-Fi network, which many people do not protect. Most use a password, but sometimes you can skip if you know the port. Of the device

This month, several hacker conventions, such as the popular DefCon and Black Hat, are being held in the United States. That is the reason that every few days we publish some news related to the security failures of different devices, as their discoverers make them public before presenting them in the aforementioned conventions.

All these hacks require a specialized team and expert hackers in the signature. However, Forbes magazine has discovered that it is very easy to penetrate the mechanisms of home automation. It is not even necessary to break any protection. In some cases, just search on Google or trace the IP address to control the lights, heating or garage door of a home. Disturbing, right?

The automation of homes, according to Reuters, moved $ 1.5 billion in 2012. Devices that allow you to control lights, heating, the entrance door or garage, television and other appliances from one page have become very popular. Web or an app for the smartphone or tablet. The problem with these devices is that the moment they connect to the Internet to use the app, they are exposed to external attacks. And the danger is greater if they do not protect themselves well.

Using a simple Google search, a Forbes journalist managed to locate eight houses that had installed an Insteon automation system that can be controlled from a web page. Then how to prevent my house from being hacked

Tips to prevent your security system from being hacked

You can ensure your security system. We recommend you follow these 7 tips to avoid being pirated.

  • Change your access password often

We know that to access our security system it is necessary to do it with a password. It is advisable to change it every two or three weeks. Do not use combinations such as “1234” or “Password” and avoid using personal information such as your birthday or address. Create strong keys using letters, numbers and mixed symbols. To choose a secure combination, you can find several online password generation tools that will help you create and test how difficult they are to guess.

  • I protected your mobile devices

The security of mobile devices is also essential to have a secure system. A smartphone or any unsafe mobile device makes it easier for hackers to access it. It is essential that your phone is protected with a good password, especially if you use it to control your remote security system. I always chose a strong security key that not everyone could decipher.

  • Secure your Wi-Fi

Protect your Wi-Fi network with a secure password and do not allow any stranger to access it. Share your password only with family or close friends. We recommend you change the factory password of the modem using minimum WPA, change the factory SSID, hide the SSID and reduce the power of the signal so that only irradiates your house and not the entire block. On YouTube, you can find many tutorials that will explain how to do all this easily.

  • Never buy a used camera

 The cameras have a useful life that can vary depending on the treatment they are given. A user system may be worn, not work optimally and therefore be easy to hack, we also do not know if the person who wants to sell you will continue to access it.

  • Keep updated

 Make sure you always have the latest version of the application with which to monitor your installed address. Many manufacturers update their applications regularly with new, more developed functions looking for ways to counteract new threats. If you ignore these updates, then your system will be more prone to being hacked. You should consider all these tips to ensure that your security system is not pirated, but without a doubt, the factors that can help you the most are: not sharing your personal information with strangers, not using the public Wi-Fi and constantly changing the password of your security system.

How safe is a wireless home security system? Can you hack?

The problem does not think it is one system or another that must bring at least one access system by credentials, but someone leaks to your network or modem and from there you can access. If you leave the factory configuration you are at risk. If you modify it you can do it very safe, but remember that greater security means more administration and more configuration.

If you have some security knowledge you can make some or all of the following recommendations;

  • Change the factory password of the modem using minimum WPA, never WEP
  • Change the factory SSID
  • Hide the SSID
  • Register the known and accepted devices by their MAC address
  • Assign fixed IP addresses to known devices, reduce the range of allowed IPs and disable DHCP.
  • Reduce the power of the signal so that only your house or business radiate and not the whole apple.
  • Change the modem’s default IP, regularly it’s the .254 and everyone knows you can change it for example by a .200 or some smaller number.