How to Use Amazon Echo as a Home Security System

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How to Use Amazon Echo as a Home Security System

It has been very amazing how all the newest technological advances have integrated to our daily lives in every single aspect. From reminding or best friends and relatives’ birthdays to store our most important photos as a souvenir of trips and events of great importance; life without our smartphones seems to be almost impossible to go without them.

And the complexity of some software and applications included in your smartphone can go to extremes that were only imagined on the pages and scenes of a science fiction story. Nowadays, smartphones devices can control almost everything inside your house, such as turning on or off your TV set or linking it to your own personal computers. It is amazing how these gadgets are taking place in controlling every single appliance and electrical outlets and devices.

A clear example of this is Alexa, the controlling app of the Amazon smartphones and the subsequent product related to this software: the Echo device. Using the device along with the control manager of this company had proved efficient in handling all gadgets connected via Wi-Fi or by a hub or bridge you can take control of every single smart device of your and, even better, turn it into a Home Security System as well.

Assuming that you live in a small place and there is no need or enough money for a truly expensive alarm system, Amazon Echo works perfectly for your need of security in your home or rented space. If there are devices such as cameras, smart locks, lights, and sensors that can be linked to the Amazon device and easily operated through the Alexa’s commands.

In order to get this control level you need to have the Echo Plus; but if you are the proud owner of an Amazon Echo device below the Plus one, just remember that Alexa can be connected to a separate hub or bridge and keep performing functions addressing you security devices. In this case, the connection of all smart devices at home is done to the hub or bridge and then you connect this last one to your Amazon Echo device. This connection can be done directly to the Amazon Echo Plus without requiring the assistant of a bridge or hub.

Nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that Amazon Echo Plus works as a smart hub but no every single smart device will connect with it without a glitch. In the case that your smart device needs a separate hub to operate, you can order Alexa to ask the different device to perform any task in your place – such as turning off the light or dimming them.

With all this already set, here are some of the ways you can use Alexa to make your home more secure.

Using the Echo device to turn your lights on and off

Controlling the simple function of turning on or off your lights house is a way to incorporate the Amazon Echo device and the Alexa presence in every single corner of your dwelling. Working with smart bulbs such as the Phillips Hue ones is easy to turn on the lights during the darkest night without tumbling around trying to reach the switch; just tell Alexa to turn on the light of a specific room or place (like the kitchen, for example) and the command will be executed at once.

In terms of security, the light s can be set up to be on and off in a specific time simulating that you are at home when, actually, you are on a business or a vacation trip. That will keep burglars away and it gives the advantage of getting into a total illuminated house after work thanks to the programmed lights schedule.

Just keep in mind that the Phillips Hue bulbs are connected to the company´s bridge; so if you have placed these bulbs all over your house, you need to link the bridge to your Echo device in order to allow Alexa to perform these simple commands of turning on and off the lights.

Lock your Main Door by using the Amazon Device and Program.

It is not uncommon that, for any reason, you have forgotten to lock your door when you arrived from buying groceries or work. This situation is easily solved if you have a smart device installed at home, such one of the latest smart locks in the market. Controlling the access of proper and strangers to your home can be done without your presence at the place via your smartphone.

Many of the smart locks can be connected to the Echo device and then control and check by using Alexa from a remote location. Wondering of your door is locked or you are not totally sure you have closed it properly; in this case, simple ask Alexa whether your door remains unlock or not and if the answer is affirmative tell her to close it properly. Smart locks from companies such as Kwikset, Schlage, Yale, and August easily integrate with the Amazon Echo device through the voice commands sent by Alexa.

Protect your House by Using Smart Cameras.

Amazon provides the Cloud Cam service in order to get video information of what is happening home while you are away. It works perfectly with all the Alexa’s commands and if you are involved with Amazon Key a set-up kit comes along with the Cloud Cam as well as a smart lock. With this Key system packages can be delivered into your home as the delivery person can open your front door by using this application as you register every movement inside your house by checking the video on your smartphone.

The cameras work perfectly with other devices for Amazon such as the Echo Show and Echo Spot, and also with Fire TVs. Using voice command to ask Alexa the place you want to see at any time. Be sure that your camera devices are compatible with the Amazon system and you will provide a deeper sense of security to your house and family.

The possibilities are wider to use Amazon Echo device as complement of your own Home Security System or turn it into a security system of its own by using the right devices that can be connected and operated through the Amazon device and its controlling program.

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