Home Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Easter

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Home Security Tips to Keep Your Home Safe This Easter

Easter in the USA is a celebration for all citizens. They are parties that are waiting for the whole year and when they arrive, they like to celebrate in the most traditional ways.

On these dates, the Christian belief in the Jesus Christ resurrection is celebrated. For Christians in the United States, celebrating Easter is doing religious services and trying to get the family together to celebrate these days together. Many Americans follow old traditions that everyone loves and that in school they usually perform with joy and a lot of emotion. One of these traditions is to color hard eggs and put them in baskets of sweets and chocolates.

In addition, in the US they hold parades and events to celebrate these important dates. The parade that stands out is the Easter parade that takes place in New York City. It attracts millions of people to celebrate Easter together. In 1880 and until 1950 it was just a walk along the famous 5th Avenue of New York but now it has been transformed into a fashion and glamor parade outside the doors of the church.

During these days many families go on a trip leaving their homes alone and exposed to possible external and internal dangers. Below we will know some tips that can help us to maintain the security of our house during these Easter days and even for other opportunities that we have to go on a trip.

The Best Security Systems for Easter

Reinforced Door

Having a good door in the home is essential. On many occasions, the weak point of this protection system lies in the lock. It is possible to force a door with techniques such as bumping. However, there are solutions such as anti-bump locks, which prevent the sabotage of it.

Security Windows

Security windows are a very useful measure. They prevent the thief from entering through unexpected areas and are not easy to force.


The bars do not ensure full protection as they do not prevent the entry of intruders through the door of the home. However, they are a very useful resource if we do not have security windows.


It is one of the most effective and safest measures. Especially if they are connected to an Alarm Receiving Center.



Secure alarms, with triple security, allow deterrence, detection in case of intrusion and reception of warnings during 24 hours. It is permanently connected to the Alarm Receiving Center. If an incident occurs, a security guard will go to the house to check what happened and collaborate with the security forces.


Dogs as a safety measure can also be an interesting option. However, you should never leave it unattended. Therefore, if you do not have someone who can take care of him during the holidays, it is better to take the dog with you.

How Else Can We Protect Our Home During Easter?

With Easter and other holiday seasons, the high season begins for home burglars. The intruders take advantage of the prolonged absence of owners to perpetrate thefts in homes. We present 7 basic safety tips to protect our home during the holidays.

Let No One Know you’re On Vacation

This is the first and most important advice to prevent theft in our home when we are absent. An empty house is a “little sweet” for thieves, for this reason, it is important that nobody knows that we are outside. We must be discreet and not tell the whole neighborhood the great 30-day trip that we are going to hit.

Do Not Post Photos of Our Vacations on Social Networks

If we are in Indonesia enjoying the vacations of our lives, we can surely wait to go home to upload the photos and show off with friends … In many cases we do not know who follows us on social networks or the degree of privacy of our profiles, For this reason, all the information that we publish can be used by the intruders, both to know if we are absent, as well as to know details of the interior of the house and the valuable objectives that we have. We must be discreet and run away from ostentation.

Save Valuables and Documentation in A Safe Place

The most sought after by the thieves is money in cash and jewelry, but they are also interested in electronic devices and documentation, with which they can carry out all kinds of scams. For this reason, we should expose neither valuables nor credit cards, invoices, bank statements, identity documents, online banking keys, etc.

Use Timers

We can use presence simulators and timers to program the lighting of the house lights. We also find an ally in technology, for example, turning on and off the new televisions can be programmed, making it a good presence simulator.




Make Sure You Put the Key

It seems logical, but on many occasions we forget and such a simple gesture can prevent us from being the victims of an assault on our home. If the key is not laid and the house does not have any security system, the thieves will find it really easy to access the house.

Collect All the Correspondence from Your Mailbox

A mailbox with advertising is a “claim” for intruders. Also avoid completely lowering the blinds, as we have already emphasized, the goal is to make the intruders believe that we are inside our home.

It Has a Multi-Risk Home Insurance

No one wants to be a victim of a robbery, so it is important to install security measures in our home, but if we suffer a theft, it is important to have good home insurance. We must ensure the coverage offered by our home insurance so that it covers the damage of the theft and a good part of the value of our belongings.

Is Easter A Time of Risk?

In short, being a time when people travel and leave their house empty, the risk of stealing increases. This happens both in Holy Week and in any other holiday season, whether they are popular festivals or celebrations nationwide. However, if we protect our home properly, we can reduce the probability to a minimum and go on vacation with the greatest peace of mind.

In turn, we must never forget that, if we go to a holiday home or second home, we must also ensure the safety of this when we leave.




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