Home Security Tips for the Wintertime

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Home Security Tips for the Wintertime

The winter season is by far the most magical time of the year, some of the most memorable poems have been dedicated to it. Bewitching landscapes covered in snow, lights, and lit fireplaces are just some of the things that make wintertime a wonderful time. However, while you are enjoying a nice and hot cup of hot cocoa, there are some evil and terrible things lurking in the dark. 

In the weeks preceding to the Winter Season, you may want to do something about those devilish things lurking from the shadows, now, we are not talking about a Wampa from Star Wars or a Yeti, we are talking about more realistic threats, home-breakings, burglars, and of course, the many perils ice and snow bring during winter.

It is never too late to start taking precautions when winter comes, rising safety levels in and around your home during this time should be of the utmost importance. According to statistics offered by Insurance companies, claims during this season tend to increase exponentially. Winter is highly regarded as the season where lots of things can go wrong with the proper maintenance of a property. The same statistics also show that during the coldest season of the year burglary and home-breaking rates hit an all-time high as well as home accidents, there is also an increase in pressure for the home systems to work beyond their capabilities. 

For decades the Insurance companies have been collecting data regarding everything that goes wrong during this time of year. The information they provide is not only meant to help them reduce the number of claims and cut down on losses but also to help you stay safe within your home. 

In this article, we will discuss the best security and safety tips to protect your home from the many dangers that accompany the coldest season. These tips will help you stay safe and happy during the season and ensure your home is ready not only to beat-off the cold weather and any unwanted visitors.


Home Burglaries. During the winter months, there is a high activity of home burglaries, the extra darkness gives burglars the perfect chance to break into people’s homes when they are out working or vacationing in a warmer place. You need to protect your home not only to avoid financial losses but also the emotional impact that represents having a stranger inside your home. 

In this matter, the experts offer a few words of wisdom you should really pay attention to and start securing your home. 

Locking Doors and Windows: Sounds simple enough, but statistics don’t lie, there is a high number of homeowners who neglect this basic security measure. When you leave your home, whether to go to work or a vacation, make sure to check and double-check all your doors and windows, you can purchase security bars for your windows and any sliding doors, these bars have proven to be very effective at discouraging burglars.

Buy a Safe: This is the perfect security measure to keep safe any family heirlooms, rare jewelry, or any other valuable object. 

Time-Switch Lights: This is another perfect tip for those homeowners you get home late from work or vacationing abroad. Add a few timer-switches to turn the lights on nightfall, if you have curtains and drapes keep them draw, thus, preventing any potential burglars from seeing the inside of your home from a distance.

Don’t keep Hidden Keys: Home burglars may not be the smartest people in the World, but they do pay close attention, and if they have been surveillance your home for a while it is safe to say they probably know there’s a key to your home under the fake rock by the window, if you are leaving for vacation, leave an emergency key with your neighbor or with a relative that would check on your house every once in a while, and under no circumstances leave it in a garden gnome. 

Install an Alarm System: This is probably the most expensive of all tips, but ask yourself, is there really a price to pay for peace of mind? Alarm systems today come with everything burglars despise light, noise, and cameras. Add a couple of flooding lights around your house’s perimeter with a motion sensor. Noisy alarms bring unwanted attention to the burglary in progress, you can configure the cameras to send you the live feed to your handheld device. 

Proper Lightning: Make sure that all the entryways to your home are properly lit, this is an excellent way to discourage burglars. 

Keep your backyard and garden trimmed: Another to good and cheap tip to keep your home safe during the winter is to trim down any shrubs, also, put away any furniture or equipment in your patio. 


In the weeks preceding the arrival of winter and at least a couple of time after it arrives check your roof tiles, ice tends to damage the tiles and if its left untreated it can lead to extensive and very expensive damage. 

Check your piping system also, especially the seams and the insulation, if you have any outdoor water pipes like sprinklers make sure to drain them, while you are at it, head down to the basement and check your boiler, a nice rule of thumb is to check it at least once a year before winter time. Something as simple as changing the filter can significantly increase the heating efficiency. 

Finally, if you have a door connecting your home to the garage make sure to properly lock it, burglars are looking for an easy entry point to your house, and garage doors are the preferred ones. 

These are just a handful of useful tips you find on the internet to keep your home safe during the winter season, you can always contact your insurance company and get more useful information in the many ways you can protect your home.