Home Security Apps for iPhone

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Home Security Apps for iPhone

People are truly concerned about the security issue as we are involved in searching all sort of devices, applications and hardware that can provide the desired protection to our homes and families.


One of the sources to look for any of these items is the iPhone, especially in the application area. Best known for all the applications it provides, the iPhone smart phones offer a great deal of possibilities for home security. After downloading and using them, following what is happening in the secured area turns easier as it can be down from a remote locations. These applications are connected with you home security cameras, smart locks, and other smart devices at home and they also allow your security system to get in touch with you if a problem arises.


In the following lines, there are going to be mentioned some of the best apps dealing with security issues that can be used if you are the proud owner of an iPhone. All of them work on the IOS operating system which makes them functional not only in the iPhone smart devices but also they can be run on an iPad. Furthermore, these applications are also available for the Android operating system if you also need on other sort of smartphones.


Home Security Applications

Some of the best applications related to Home Security offered for the iPhone smart devices are headed by Presence, an app that transforms your old iPhones into security cameras. The app includes functions such as motion detection, video capture and notification sending. It is quite slow to start up and the storage space offered in the cloud is limited to 50 MB


Isentryis an application that links your phone with your home personal computer. Just add or use your web camera and through this application your PC turns into a camera monitoring and security system. The app provides video capture and allows observing the situation in the range of the camera; furthermore, it will send alarms when sometime odd is taking place. The great disadvantage of this app is that the camera stops registering video when the computer gets into the sleep mode.


Another app similar to Isentryis At Homewith every single function the previous one has, but with the disadvantage that users said it has a truly slowly start up. Similarly, to Isentry, at homeis limited to the camera position with the possibility of motion detection and alarm provided.


Another app is provided by the people of Reolink. With this easy-to-use app, you can get motion detection notification with remote and local access, but this user friendly interface app has limited operation with the cameras and security system exclusively provided by the company.


And for those who have an alarm system already installed, it is advisable to check Alarm.com; it is an app compatible with a great deal of home security systems and it is used by many security companies so they don’t have to create their own application to offer to their customers. The service provided by this app includes a motion-detection trigger feature, allows you to watch video streams anytime and it is easy to use; but the service provided comes with certain disadvantages such as a slow response at starting up and a huge amount of space storage in your personal computer during the usage of the app.


Thing to be taken into consideration

Be certain that the settings of your webcam are properly done since it is easy for strangers to check what is going on in your place if the adjustment of it is configured incorrectly. Set effective passwords for the cameras – also known as IP cameras; by setting a secure password you are the only one who can access to the cameras and the situation watching.


Keep in mind that old phones or single web cams are limited devices to work with the downloaded applications. For instance a single webcam attached to your personal computer has a very limited range of observation, meaning that there are going to be several unwatchable areas and if the thief knows your place, it will be very easy to avoid these secured areas.


Another disadvantage of these apps is that they do not offer outside monitoring service. There are going to be moments when you are going to be busy performing any work-related activity and you cannot monitor your home at that timer. So it is important to get an app that provides such service like the SimpliSafe home security app for instance.


How to Set a Proper Security System

It is quite important that a security system in your house has all the necessary equipment to make it perfectly functioning and gives you the opportunity to monitor carefully your home. There must be no place around the house without any protection and they have to be check via you iPhone during the time you are away from home whether working or grocery shopping. Be sure that every single door, window or entrance to you dwelling is well protect and with devices that could help you keep an eye to your place.

This security system can also offer you the opportunity to link it to the app of your preference in your iPhone and allow you to get remote control to all the features provided by the systems you hired. It is quite important that you require the service of outside monitoring since you cannot be the 24 hours of a day attached to your phone to check your house.

Some Finishing Words

Most of the apps mentioned above are compatible with most of the iOS devices, especially with iPhones X; 8 and 8 Plus; 7 and 7 Plus; 6S and 6S Plus; SE; 6 and 6 Plus; 5S, 5C and 5; 4 and 4S; and 3GS.

The iPads models which work with the apps in the list are the following: Pro; Air and Air 2; mini 4; mini 3; mini 2; 4; mini; the new iPad; the iPad 2 and the original iPad.

So do not hesitate if you want to provide an extra deal of security to your home; check the App Store and select the app of your preference and convenient for your needs.



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