Don’t Let Summer Break Turn into a Summer Break-In: Locksmith Tips for Holiday Travel

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Don’t Let Summer Break Turn into a Summer Break-In: Locksmith Tips for Holiday Travel

When you start traveling to other countries you will fall into one of these two categories: You will become extremely confident of everyone, you will think that everyone is your friend and they are there to help you or on the contrary, a paranoid believing that all they want is to kidnap you and hurt you.

The truth is that neither. Not everyone wants to be your friend but not everyone wants to hurt you. It will always be a mid-point, with a very pronounced inclination toward the goodness of people.

So it is important to always keep in mind a couple of safety tips to travel to Europe, Asia, and Africa or anywhere in the world.

Here are some safety tips for traveling abroad:

  1. Do not make publications for any reason about your next vacation on social networks or other websites. These matters of personal interest and if you want to presume the trip of your vacation can do so after having returned from that trip. On the Internet and especially in social networks you can find “spies” who only look for this type of information to commit crimes while the house is alone.
  2. Hire a “caretaker”, a person who can take care of and watch over your house while you are away. You do not have to be a security guard or a police officer, you may consider hiring a relative or a friend who may be taking care of your house while you are away. In the same way, this person can take charge of maintaining the lawn, cleaning the house, taking care of the dog and doing other chores while traveling.
  3. Let the local police know when you go on a trip so that they can be on the lookout when they make their rounds. In addition, this is something that benefits the entire community, thanks to the fact that not only the house is monitored but the rest of the neighborhood. However, make sure you know the police officers in your sector well because there have been some cases where the police are involved in robberies. Get to know your neighbors and police so that everyone can make a good team and remain alert to any irregularity.
  4. Avoid receiving any service or purchase while you are away from home. Temporarily stop delivery services to your home. Notify your mail or newspaper manager that you will be away for a few days so that accounts, receipts, diaries and other correspondence do not accumulate at the door of the house.
  5. Invest in automatic timers that can turn on light, televisions or sound systems when you are away from home. Making the lights go on at nightfall and turning off at dawn will make the criminals understand that there are people in the house and keep them away. These technologies also apply to sound equipment and televisions. Some of these services can be monitored through smartphones no matter where you are.
  6. Keep everything outside your home that may be attractive to outsiders. Bicycles, toys and things like these can be very attractive for criminals, especially if they spend many days out. Several people do this to deter criminals, however, with the passing of days they notice that there is no one at home and they can take what is outside, therefore, avoid leaving things of value outside the single house.
  7. Keep items of sentimental value, economic value, and relics in a safe deposit box or bank. If you do not have a safe at home where you can store these things, you can go to a bank and keep these jewelry, garments and other things that may be of great importance to you protected.
  8. Not only must the house be protected from criminals. There are also risks of fires and other natural disasters. When you go on a trip, regulate the temperature of the house to low levels of 60º, leave a ventilation in the pipes, sinks and other sectors of the house that may be affected by climate changes. Leave an average temperature so that it cannot affect the house no matter what season you are in.
  9. Installing motion sensors can be a good safety measure. These sensors can detect people who want to approach to break into their home and activate an alarm that moves them away instantly. This security measure is quite useful, it really is something that is worth investing.
  10. Before leaving home, check that all doors and windows are closed. If any of these need to be reinforced, be sure to fix it to prevent it from becoming easy to access to your home. Place high-security locks and other electronic braces or detectors that sound an alarm when touched. Placing sensors on doors and windows is also recommended because if someone else breaks a window or hits the door very loudly an alarm will be activated that will keep them away. Reinforce the doors and add extra security measures is not enough to leave the house alone.
  11. You can hire a home insurance company. These insurances are usually of great advantage. A home insurer can help you recover objects, tools, toys and other things that could have been stolen while you were at home. Several insurers have different care plans, choose the one that you can pay without wasting the money and that can guarantee an immediate response to an accident that occurs at home.
  12. Leaving the path to the garage door open is one of the things that can be most noticeable while your house is empty. To avoid being an easy prey for criminals and to prevent neighbors from abusing the path of your garage, leave the car in the middle of the road in a way that obstructs any car or motorcycle that wants to give it to you comfortable and use your garage irresponsibly.
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