The Dangers of Changing Your Ignition Without a Professional

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The Dangers of Changing Your Ignition Without a Professional

A lot of people usually wonder why their car won’t start. This is a very common issue specially if you are not very experienced with repairing cars. The car just won’t star and when it does the other car accessories, like the radio or the music system, the door controls, will just go crazy. This is a clear sign that your car ignition switch is going to have to be replaced. However, now the question is “do I need to have a professional replace my car ignition switch or can I do it by myself?

This is a very common concern not only for those who are not well experienced in fixing cars but also those who tend to find the way to get themselves well informed in order to have the necessary knowledge to fix their cars by their own. They wonder how dangerous can it be to replace the car switch by themselves instead of getting it replaced by a professional at a car shop. It is true that most things we don’t know how to do are usually easier to do than we expect. Nevertheless, there are some other cases where not knowing exactly what to do might result in unwanted accidents, injuries and even death. Believe or not, some things we believe that might not be dangerous are usually the things that cause more and more accidents every day.

Is it Possible to Repair My Ignition Switch?

There is no always the warranty of getting your ignition repaired. No always is possible or simple to do so. Every now and then, your ignition switch might be presenting a malfunction due to some damaged wire or component which can be easily repaired, however this is no always the case. So you will find yourself having to replace your entire ignition switch since a small repair might not just do. This results in a series of issues like how much are you planning to spend, the amount of time that you have to waste trying to replace the thing, and the amount of effort that you have to employ in order to make it actually work. Since if it’s not well assembled, it just won’t work properly, or it will work for some time and then it will begin giving trouble. Nobody wants that.

Is it possible to replace my car ignition switch by myself?

Certainly, it is possible to replace your car ignition switch by yourself. However, we do not recommend this option. If you just do not feel well prepared and you are no used to following instructions, we strongly recommend to contact a locksmith for assistance. There are some reasons to that. The level of disassemble that your car needs in order to access the ignition switch will definitely vary depending first on the brand of the car and second on the model of the car. Some of the parts will need to be screwed, or it might have bolts, or maybe it will need to be pried open. It is sometimes very easy to get confused regarding the things you need to pry apart or the parts that have been fastened which you are often not able to find. If you disassemble these parts incorrectly, it is very likely to result in the damage of the components of the vehicle.

Also the level of panel removal can be very challenging. But the actually danger is not knowing how much damage you can cause to the car when you expose all the wires. Furthermore, you will require important safety knowledge in order to be able to handle all those wires and electric components. After you manage to remove the ignition switch, you will also need to do some rewiring. Some people might see it as just plugging and unplugging wires, but you will see that it is a lot more complicated than that. If the wires are not properly installed, the components will not be able to work at all, specially the replaced car ignition switch; it might also bring future problems to these components and thus, to the car.

You are going to be dealing with finding replacement parts and there are a lot of problems that are very similar to the ones you would have to face when trying to purchase aftermarket electronic car keys. It is absolutely necessary for you to be consulted by a professional auto locksmith who can help you get in the right direction. Neglecting in this can make you go through a hard time with incompatible parts and at the same time, make you go through all the same problems when trying to install it without knowing much about it.

How Much Time is Involved in Replacing a Car Ignition Switch?

If you are in a hurry and you want your car to be immediately fixed, try not to do it by yourself. Since doing this type of jobs by yourself will definitely make you waste time, effort, and money; especially, if you do not possess much experience in fixing cars. Our advice is for you to immediately take your car to the car shop so a professional can take a look at it, tell what the problem is, and be able to fix it a soon as he can. Once you or your locksmith find all the necessary parts in order to fix your car, you will only need 20 minutes to get your car ignition switch replaced. However, it might take a little more or less time than that depending on the complexity of the covers for the car ignition switch which also will depend on the model of the car.

So, try not to worry since your locksmith will make sure to put everything back in place in the most proper way in order for your car not to have any other problems that might be caused by neglecting following the necessary steps to reassemble your car components. And within a short amount of time,  you will have a functioning, new, ignition!

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