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Master key systems

Finding yourself looking to upgrade your commercial business security? Are you a landlord that manages many different units? A Master Key System is a great selection for those who are looking to secure their property in a simple manner.

We are committed to providing professional and reliable service at good prices. Our master key system installation cost is fair, especially considering the quality of our products, our service and our speed.
We work with many high-quality lock manufactures including Kwikset, Arrow, Yale, Mul-t-lock, Falcon, Medeco, Schlage, ,Segal, Sargent and Baldwin, and others.

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In short, a master key system allows you to have different levels of access for each lock. This system allows all locks to be controlled by one key, know as the Grand Master key. 

A master key system uses standing pinning techniques and uses master wafers (spacers) in each chamber. These spacers create an additional line that allows all the grand master key to turn in all locks. Because of this system, you can have different pinning combinations for different levels, but those shear lines allow several different keys to work in the same lock.

Great Grand Master
Grand Master
Sub Master

A master key and sub-master key will always be provided, but depending on your choice of system set-up, you may also have a great grand master.

The following is a basic system: a Master and Sub-Master. Let’s take an example where your business has four main locks: the front door, back door, office door, and merchandise case. Ideally, you would like your manager to have access to all of the doors, the supervisor to have access to the front door, back door, and merchandise case, while the other employees would only have access to open the merchandise case. In such a situation, you will need to have a master key system with two sub-masters under it. The master key for the manager, one sub-master for the supervisor, and the other sub-master would go to other employees.

The following is an example with a Grand Master key:  Your District Manager currently carries a key ring that is jumbled with keys and it is just not ideal for him to have to juggle all those keys. In such a case, a Grand Master key will allow him to have one key and still have access to every shop in his region.

There is also something known as the Great Grand Master key. While your District Manager had a massive key ring, image how many keys there are in his storage box to contain keys for all of the stores. If you wanted to have a key to open all of your stores, you would chose a Great Grand Master key. Typically, these types of keys are owned by a high-level authority of the company, and are kept in very secure areas. We should note that we do not typically recommend ever cutting Great Grand Master keys. 

Have a different setup in mind? Not a  problem – the beauty of Master Key Systems is that they are very flexible and can be set up however you prefer. 

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